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Canteen from plates

A shelf for fruits and sweets is a very useful thing in everyday life, which often costs a lot of money. To save your budget "so simple!" Has prepared for you a step-by-step instruction on how to make such a shelf with your own hands without much effort and time and money.

And you can choose any Dishes - and your bookcase will be unique in its kind!

How to draw a bookcase


  1. To begin with, you need to choose the dishes from whichYou will make this wonderful bookcase. It should be 3 plates of different sizes and you can add a cup to them. The rod for the shelf you will need to buy separately in a specialized store. You will also need a drill and a drill bit.
  2. Table

  3. So, let's start making a bookcase!
  4. How to draw a bookcase

  5. Before you drill the plates, glue the place where you will make the hole with the paint tape so that the plate does not crack.
  6. How to draw a bookcase

  7. Drill a plate on a wooden board.
  8. How to draw a bookcase

  9. Remove the painting tape.
  10. How to draw a bookcase

  11. Now proceed to join the elements of the bookcase.
  12. How to draw a bookcase

  13. If you want to add a cup to the shelf, then you will need to solve the problem of the thickness of the bottom of the cup along with the saucer. For this you can use a threaded rod of the required size.
  14. How to draw a bookcase

  15. The shelf is ready! It does not take much space in your house, because it can be easily dismantled.
  16. How to draw a bookcase

This is a very useful thing in the house, if you like to receive guests and treat them to various Sweets. Use this cool advice if you like this idea!