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20 inventions for summer holidays

Summer is the time when you need to run away fromStuffy cities and spend time in nature or at the dacha to sunbathe, cook something delicious or just sit with your friends and family around the fire.

"so simple!" Collected for you 20 ingenious inventions that you want to buy immediately. They will make your holiday in nature unforgettable and unique!

Things for summer holidays

  1. Cooling glasses
  2. Cooling glasses

  3. summer cuisine
  4. summer cuisine

  5. Water mattress
  6. Water mattress

  7. Portable fire
  8. Portable fire

  9. Outboard sofa
  10. Outboard sofa

  11. Glowing furniture
  12. Glowing furniture

  13. Glowing flowerpots
  14. Glowing flowerpots

  15. trampoline
  16. trampoline

  17. Foldable mini table
  18. folding table

  19. Campfire
  20. Campfire

  21. Chaise longue for reading
  22. Chaise longue for reading

  23. Inflatable Pillows
  24. Inflatable Pillows

  25. Rope descent
  26. Rope descent

  27. Rain shower
  28. Rain shower

  29. A suitcase-barbecue
  30. B-B-Q

  31. rocking chair
  32. rocking chair

    rocking chair

  33. Table with ice containers
  34. Table with ice containers

  35. Big hammock
  36. hammock

  37. Torches with candles
  38. Torches with candles

  39. Huge inflatable sofa
  40. inflatable sofa

I already want to buy them all! They not only look awesome, but each of these things is very functional. You liked these Objects for summer holidays? Then tell them about it to your friends!