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Ideas for summer manicure

Summer is a time when you want something bright andUnusual. Many women tend to make their image more sunny and refreshing. For this it is not necessary to buy new clothes and accessories, it is enough to make the right manicure. It will become a real highlight in your image and will attract attention not less than a fashionable bag. We suggest you look at these 15 Summer manicure options And become irresistible.

Ideas for manicure

  1. Summer, replace the usual jacket brightly!
  2. Bright coat

  3. Make a manicure with special strips for nails. Looks very stylish, agree?
  4. Manicure with stripes

    Manicure with stripes

  5. Water manicure is the trend this summer.
  6. Water manicure

  7. Neat sequins are in vogue!
  8. Manicure with sparkles

  9. It's hard to find something more summer than watermelon.
  10. Manicure with watermelon

  11. Fruit platter - for the bravest and brightest.
  12. Fruit manicure

    Fruit manicure

  13. Use the sea theme.
  14. Sea manicure

    Sea manicure

  15. butterfly wings.
  16. Butterfly wings manicure

  17. sea ​​bottom.
  18. Sea manicure

  19. We dream of the sea ...
  20. Sea manicure

  21. Nobody canceled fashion for polka dots.
  22. Polish manicure

  23. Lovely flowers for gentle ladies.
  24. Cute flowers manicure

    Cute flowers manicure

  25. As if back to school. nostalgia.
  26. School manicure

  27. ice cream.
  28. Manicure with ice cream

  29. Geometric patterns for stylish women.
  30. Geometrical patterns

Choose the ones that you liked best, and make similar ones. Either take an idea and come up with something completely new.

Share with your girlfriends fashionable Ideas for manicure, Which are relevant in the summer!