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10 products from cinder blocks

With the arrival of summer, we increasingly go to the country to relax from the stuffy cities. So at the dacha we should feel most comfortable. Today "so simple!" Prepared for you 10 unusual ideas forArrangement of their summer cottage area using conventional slag blocks. I would never have thought that from this building material you can make such wonderful and very stylish things that will transform your garden!

Products from slagblocks

  1. Outdoor sofa
  2. Cinder block sofa

  3. Cute stairs
  4. Steps from slag blocks

  5. Pots for plants
  6. Pots from slag blocks

  7. Another version of the sofa
  8. Cinder block sofa

  9. Small kitchen in the open air
  10. Kitchen from slag blocks

  11. TV table
  12. Cinder block

  13. Neat fence
  14. Cinder block fence

  15. Settee for outdoor gatherings
  16. Cinder block sofa

  17. Vertical garden
  18. Vertical garden

  19. Nightstand
  20. Bedside table

It's just amazing how from rough construction material you can make such elegant and Stylish things For the suburban area. If you have slag blocks lying around, hurry to use them wisely!