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Notepad with own hands

A notebook or a diary is a very necessary thing in our time, especially if you tend to forget about planned meetings, tasks or any other small things.

Today we will tell you and show you, How to draw a beautiful notebook Own hands. This is a rather laborious process, but the result of that is definitely worth it. Make yourself this and you do not want to let it out of your hands!

How to make a notepad

Beautiful notepad

You will need

  • Thick paper from which you will make sheets for a notebook
  • Ribbon
  • Gauze cloth to strengthen the notebook
  • Cover fabric
  • cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • needle and thread



  1. To begin with, you need to cut 3 strips of tape of the same size to bind the pages.
  2. On the folds of pages that you will be fastening, you need to make marks in the places where you will be stitching them. Plot points along the sides of each tape and one at each edge of the folds.
  3. Now you can begin to stitch the pages together with the ribbon. The sequence of stitches is shown below.
  4. How to make a notepad

    How to make a notepad

    How to make a notepad

    How to make a notepad

    How to make a notepad

    How to make a notepad

  5. So should look like a root in the end.
  6. How to make a notepad

  7. Now you need to strengthen the back of the notebook. For this, cut out a suitable piece of gauze tissue. And glue it to the spine.
  8. How to make a notepad

  9. Put the sheets on the press until the glue dries so that they stick together well.
  10. How to make a notepad

  11. From the fabric tape, which you fastened the sheets, make 2 hem and glue them to the notepad. With the top one, you can also glue a bookmark from a thin tape.
  12. How to make a notepad

  13. It's time to make a reliable cover for yourNotepad. Cut out a suitable piece of dense fabric and 3 pieces of cardboard: 2 identical sheets for the cover (they should be slightly larger than the pages) and 1 strip for the spine.
  14. How to make a notepad

  15. Glue the fabric around the edges.
  16. How to make a notepad

  17. Connect the cover with the notepad sheets.
  18. Notebook

such Handmade notebook Also perfectly suits as a gift to a person dear to you. He will be incredibly happy to learn that you made this wonderful thing with your own hands.