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Souvenirs from different countries of the world

travels - an integral part of life of any modernRights. Watching the world is very exciting, and it does not matter if you're going to rest or work. All the same from the new impressions there is a head around! An effective way to keep this state for a long time - to buy things that will remind of the overseas countries.

It is worthwhile to take a look at some souvenirs, and as if you get into a teleporter, going back to the same place and time ... another important function of items bought far from the homeland - Gift. Close people are very much able to rejoice in any knick-knacks arrived from afar!

If I had the opportunity to travel all the time, all these 20 things would have already been brought and given. Take a few ideas with you on your summer vacation, Original approach To the choice of souvenirs will bring you a lot of positive emotions ...

Souvenirs from different countries

  1. Canada - maple syrup
    The symbol of Canada is the maple leaf. How magical there is in autumn, the palette of colors of autumn Canadian forests can not be compared to anything ... maple syrup is the favorite sweetness of these edges.
  2. maple syrup

  3. Brazil - darbuka
    Show of ethnic drums - one of the mostExciting spectacles in Brazil after the carnival. Bring home a small drum - a wonderful idea! On this instrument anyone can learn to play, if desired.
  4. Darbuka

  5. Vatican - bottle opener with the image of the Pope
    A portrait of the pope is present in the Vatican everywhere, even on the bottle opener! And no this is not blasphemy - on the contrary, about Holiness reminds everything.
  6. opener

  7. Cube - rum
    The well-known brands havana club andRon varadero, producing high quality rum for more than a dozen years. This famous drink, made from molasses and cane syrup, is not only strong, but also delicious.
  8. Rum

  9. Australia - lighter
    But here is a souvenir, which is definitely not worth buying! But you must learn about this ... in Australia, a comfortable and carefree country, full of products dedicated to kangaroos. There are awful things - such as this lighter from the scrotum of a kangaroo.
  10. lighter

  11. Czech republic - a statuette of golem
    Golem is a man of clay in Czech mythology. According to legend, a famous rabbi - the protector of the Jewish people created this huge clay creature. The rabbi inhaled a huge man's life, putting into his mouth the secret name of God. There are rumors that the golem is still alive.
  12. Golem

  13. China - fan
    The Chinese fan not only cools in the heat - it'sVery elegant accessory. In addition, the fan since ancient times is credited with the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy. Any woman will be pleased with the gift in the form of a fan.
  14. fan

  15. France - a keychain in the form of the Eiffel Tower
    I have one such, it was once brought by a friend directly from Paris. Such a thing is really very suitable for a souvenir, despite the standard use of the image of the Eiffel Tower.
  16. Eiffel Tower

  17. Egyptian Scarab
    A symbol of ancient Egypt - this extremely revered beetle. He is considered a servant of the sun and is attributed to the insect healing properties. A magnificent brooch with a scarab, is not it?
  18. scarab

  19. Sweden - viking horns
    Varangians, Normans, Vikings. The names are different, but they mean one thing: the soldiers who loved to wear horned helmets. Piracy and the search for new lands for settlement pushed them to create a militant image. Such helmet will certainly please even the Slavic knight!
  20. Horns of the Vikings

  21. Mexico - colorful skulls
    A mountain of skulls, reminiscent of the picture "apotheosisWar "in. , Is a familiar phenomenon in the streets of Mexico. These skulls serve as decorations for the day of the dead and as a souvenir will serve you well. It is believed that such a skull is able to scare away any evil spirit from the hearth.
  22. Multi-colored skulls

  23. California - can with fog
    Cold ocean current is the causeFrequent fog along the coast of California. Fog tight and unusually beautiful ... a can of fog from San Francisco is recommended to bring instead of disgusted icons with images of Hollywood.
  24. A can of fog

  25. Sri-lanka - ritual masks
    Made of special wood kadur, these colorfulMasks are light and soft. You can choose a ritual mask in accordance with the character of the person you want to give this special gift! Individual selection of a surprise ...
  26. Ritual masks

  27. England - bus model
    Red double-decker bus - a symbol of the city. This transport has become part of English culture, conservative Englishmen want to ride in a stylish car. Soon London buses plan to equip with solar panels, and this is a huge step leading to the development of environmentally friendly technology.
  28. double-decker

  29. Japan - kimono
    Kimono - clothes for all occasions: Ceremony, date, cosplay ... in Japan, the kimono continues to do by hand, paint and decorate in every possible way. Perfectly matched kimono is different in that his sleeves end at the brush. This outfit is usually released in one size and, depending on individual characteristics, is fitted with folds. Suitable for gift to girls with any shapes!
  30. kimono

  31. Thailand - plates from coconut
    From Thailand you can bring a lot of things: From national thatched flat hats and spices to natural cosmetics from snail and aloe vera. Plates of coconut - pretty things that will long remind you of an unusual country. The cult of food in Thailand justifies the rich pearl shine of the dishes inside.
  32. Plates of coconut

  33. Hawaii - dancer
    In Hawaii it is customary to dance everywhere. To take away with a fervent mood, it is enough to buy a doll with a carefree expression, ready to start dancing. Well, who will not be happy with this gift?
  34. dancer

  35. Germany - beer glass
    Collectible and not very beer glasses can often be found in German stores. Among the antiques come true treasures!
  36. Beer glass

  37. Romania - cup with dracula
    No dracula in Romania - anywhere! He appears in the most unexpected places, pleasing the eye. The symbolism of the famous vampire is used, perhaps, even too intensively. But, leaving this country home, it is worth snatching a piece of insanity and bringing something truly mystical. This kind of thing will cheer you up ...
  38. Cup with dracula

  39. Austria - sweets with the image of Mozart
    "Mozartkugel" - the so-called sweets,Made from marzipan, nougat and dark chocolate. So as not to puzzle for a long time, what souvenir to find, take them. You will not lose! It's just a dream - to taste a delicacy with pistachio marzipan, which is famous for its taste qualities since 1890. A portrait of Mozart on a wrapper and a stern look of genius will help to remember the taste for a long time!

Sweets Mozart

Anticipating a vacation, fantasize about howSpend it. All the best events happen unexpectedly, but some miracles can be planned. Do not be shy to give magic to your loved ones on a daily basis! Let it be not an overseas souvenir, but only your friendly smile. Show your friends this set Interesting souvenirs, Brought from different countries, inspire them to make gifts to each other!