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30 modern tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are one of the best ways to develop the right diction and speech. If you are in debt for service or for other reasons you need Speak properly, Tongue twisters will be your best assistant in this matter.

So that you do not rustle on the Internet in search of effective and fairly complex phrases, "so simple!" Gathered for you 30 wonderful modern tongue twisters that will help you achieve good results. Quickly start practicing!

Tongue twisters for diction

  1. Sasha walked along the highway, Sasha found Sasha on the highway.
  2. In Kabardino-Balkaria valocordin from Bulgaria.
  3. On the screw, you see, you can see the species that has seen Windows.
  4. patter
  5. Coconuts cook in coconut juice.
  6. Their pesticides do not re-pesticize our pesticides.
  7. A lilac-colored tooth-dropper.
  8. patter
  9. A spoonful of my gutters with a pedigree.
  10. The Staffordshire Terrier is opposed, and the black-haired Riesen Schnauzer is sharp.
  11. Got into a moron with bodybuilding.
  12. patter
  13. Working on the job, the employee earns the work, earns from work, and earnings - from processing.
  14. At the guru's guru inauguration passed.
  15. Give Kirk Kirkorov peel the peel off.
  16. Do you have a taxable grace?
  17. Accidentally conceived a child before the wedding.
  18. The higher echelons of the podshofe marched to the sponsored on the highway.
  19. patter

  20. I'm going to the potholes, I will not leave the potholes.
  21. The hysterically nervous constitutionalist Constantine was found acclimatized in the constitutional Constantinople.
  22. patter
  23. Small biceps in the exhibitionist.
  24. The regulator of the Ligurians regulated in Liguria.
  25. But I'm not in a nuisance.
  26. patter
  27. The exquisite ligature influences us very much.
  28. The heron dried, the heron dried, the heron died.
  29. Scales in pike, bristle in chushki.
  30. The weight of beavers is good for their beaver.

You may think that pronunciation of these tongue twisters can break the tongue, but after regular lessons you will easily pronounce them aloud!

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