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Rug mat

Mats are the detail of the interior that creates an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the house. This element can also add a Apartment design.

Today "so simple!" Prepared for you the original idea of ​​creatingRugs with their own hands from a conventional rope. Such a rug will decorate your home and will serve you more than one year. It can be bedded in the hallway and used as a Shoe mat, But it will also look great in any other room.



You will need

  • rope
  • liquid Nails
  • Scotch
  • Sharp knife
  • Simple base mat



  1. Wrap a ring from the rope, holding the central part of the future rug with your hand.
  2. Carpet

  3. Cut off the end of the rope with a sharp knife.
  4. Carpet

  5. The lower part should be covered with a layer of liquid nails. It is not necessary to do this along the entire perimeter of the twisted rope.
  6. Shoe mat

  7. For liquid nails glued carpet-base.
  8. Shoe mat photo

that's all!

In creating this little masterpiece, there is nothingComplex, but it looks just gorgeous. If you want to withstand the interior in the sea, then this element will fit perfectly into it. Be sure to make yourself this Mat for the hallway And tell this idea to your friends!