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Decor with shells

Most of us have already or will still go toVacation at sea this summer. With a sea holiday everyone will try to bring with them a little memories in the form of souvenirs and seashells. If you belong to people who already had a lot of shells at home from all sorts of seas, "so simple!" Has prepared for you 13 original ideas on their application. These decor elements with shells will add to your home of freshness and recreate the atmosphere of the sea.

Decor with seashells

  1. Casket for decorations
  2. Seashells

  3. picture frame
  4. Seashells

  5. Seashells in a glass bowl
  6. Seashells

  7. Topiary from seashells
  8. Seashells

  9. Unusual panel
  10. Seashells

  11. The music of wind
  12. A picture in a marine style
  13. Seashells

  14. Candles in seashells
  15. Seashells

  16. Panel "seashore"
  17. Seashells

  18. volumetric letters
  19. Seashells

  20. Decorative wreath
  21. Seashells

  22. Garland of seashells
  23. Seashells

  24. Funny figures
  25. Seashells

Take advantage of these unusual ideas to create an original marine design in your home. These little details can add a touch to any interior and preserve memories of the sea.