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Consequences of insomnia

If a person Sleep deprivation For 7 days, then starting from the 5th day,A high risk of dying from lack of sleep - for example, from a heart attack due to hallucinations. So there is a person - we need to restore our strength after a day's work. During sleep, the subconscious actively joins the work, processing of the information accumulated during the day occurs.

Muscles of the body rest, internal organs calmlyBusy with their functioning, consciousness is turned off. Why it is so important to go to bed at the right time, to sleep a sufficient amount of time and in any case not to deprive yourself of sleep for a long time? It is easy to understand if you follow what happens to a person suffering from insomnia for various reasons. The consequences are deplorable ...

Consequences of insomnia

Consequences of insomnia

  • 1st day
    1 day without sleep - very little. For sure you will remember the situation when you did not have to go to bed the whole day. Fatigue, poor memory and concentration, wandering attention, headache, indigestion - that's what usually happens after a sleepless night.

    Memory and attention can not be normalFunction due to the fact that the neocortex did not recover overnight. All systems in the body are connected, because other organs respond to lack of sleep. For health, 1 day can not cause significant damage, but well-being is unpleasant.

  • 2-3 day
    Not only attention is disturbed, but also coordination of movements. Frontal lobes of the brain Can not work normally without proper rest, therefore one can forget about creative thinking. A person who has not slept for 3 days, is in a state of nervous exhaustion.

    There may be a nervous tic, panic attacks. Appetite will increase, because in stress the body will allocate a large amount of the hormone cortisol, which promotes unrestrained eating of food. I want fried, salty, spicy, and this despite the fact that the digestive system works poorly and haphazardly. It's very difficult to fall asleep, oddly enough, again because of the nervous system's overwork.

  • 4-5th day
    Hallucinations will necessarily appear. People will talk incoherently, it is difficult to understand what is happening to him, solving the simplest tasks will be beyond his power.

    While irritability and anger will increase in proportion to the time spent without sleep. Parietal zone and prefrontal cortex Will refuse to work, that's why all this happens.

  • 6-7th day
    American student Randy Gardner did not sleep 11Days. Already on day 7 he behaved extremely strange, experiencing the strongest hallucinations and showing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. A tremor of extremities, an inability to reason and the strongest paranoia - that he had to survive for the sake of a scientific experiment.

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Among the causes of insomnia are the nervous andMuscular overstrain, pain syndrome and indigestion. Stuffiness, bright light, an uncomfortable bed - something that prevents sleep. Insomnia itself is considered the cause of many diseases, doctors say: if you want to get well, first get rid of insomnia.

But it happens that a person does not sleep a fewDays on their own initiative - this may be due to work. Doing so, you must be aware of the consequences of failure in the normal mode of life. It is recommended to sleep at night, and not during the day, because in complete darkness the human body produces Melatonin hormone. Melatonin prolongs youth, improves brain function, protects a person from cancer. Sleep is a medicine that everyone needs.

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