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10 TV series for women

After a hard day, we definitely need a rest. Both physical and moral. A quality and interesting series is perfect for this. "so simple!" Prepared for you today a selection of 10 exciting series that will take you away from the first minute. They like every woman!

TV series for women

  1. Anatomy of passion
    Gray's anatomy, 2005 - to date

    This is a series about medicine, doctors, relationships,About life and death, about love and jealousy and much more. You can very long continue the list, but most importantly, it is filled with meaning and morality, teaches you not to make mistakes in the example of the main characters.

  2. Anatomy of passion

  3. Gilmore girls
    Gilmore girls, 2000-2007

    Sparkling humor, live dialogues, open andSincere protagonists, trusting relations of the daughter with the mother, who share practically everything: from glances to the world to preferences in food, music and cinema. With lorelay and rory never boring!

  4. Gilmore girls

  5. Sex in the big city
    Sex and the city, 1998-2004

    In the heart of New York there are 4 friends. They are beautiful, talented and each - a reflection of some character traits. They are not afraid to talk about the different details of their personal lives, they are not afraid to get into comic and ridiculous situations. They are fashionably dressed and they are style icons.

  6. Sex in the big city

  7. once upon a time, in a Fairytail
    Once upon a time, 2011 - to date

    Charming, albeit somewhat naive series,Imbued with fantasy, adventure and romance. Here the fairy-tale world intersects with the modern world. The main character is a woman of uneasy fate, one day found on the threshold of her apartment a long-abandoned son who convinces her to go to the strange town of Storybrook and save his inhabitants from a terrible spell.

  8. once upon a time, in a Fairytail

  9. Desperate Housewives
    Desperate housewives, 2004-2012

    "Desperate housewives" bribe theirColorful, beautiful pictures and a non-trivial storyline. I wanted to see a simple soap opera? Then you're not here. This is a very clever series with an interesting detective line.

  10. Desperate Housewives

  11. Cougar Town
    Cougar town, 2009-2015

    Jules is divorced and lives with his son Travis inA small town. Her friends are a friend from Lori's work and neighbors: Ellie, Andy and the womanizer Grayson. She is also in very warm friendly relations with her former husband Bobby, who lives on a yacht. They communicate, joke, swear, quarrel, make up and basically do it all with a glass of wine. This is their life!

  12. Cougar Town

  13. Abbey of downton
    Downton abbey, 2010 - to date

    Living in the xxi century, which is filled with stormsDaily political events, a new social structure of society and continuous scientific and technological progress, the viewer sometimes feels nostalgic for those times when the words "ladies and gentlemen" were still official treatment, and dinner with the family was accompanied by the observance of all norms of compound etiquette. To immerse yourself in this lofty atmosphere of cream of high society allows the British television series "Downtown Abbey".

  14. Abbey of downton

  15. The right wife
    The good wife, 2009 - to the present day

    During the series we can see how many themesIntertwined: family, work, friendship, love, deception, betrayal. And in every scene you can see that the strongest side of the main character is that she does not give up and always looks at all problems in person.

  16. The right wife

  17. Hotel "babylon"
    Hotel babylon, 2006-2009

    Easy and moderately ironic. Without a standard set of "mountains of corpses" and "sea of ​​blood," without the prolonged sighs of sweet ladies and the background of the protagonist "now I will save the whole world, or at least my life, etc.".

  18. Hotel babylon

  19. Pride and Prejudice
    Pride and prejudice, 1995

    The action takes place in the xix century in the countyHertfordshire. In the poor family of the landlord Mr. Bennett there are as many as five daughters. All girls must be married and preferably for wealthy suitors. Romantic melodrama is rightfully considered one of the best adaptations of jane Austen.

  20. Pride and Prejudice

In these film stories there are everything: intrigues, intricate stories, mysticism, a bit of fairy-tale, beautiful heroes and much more. Choose a series that you have not seen, and quickly revise it!