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10 incredible movies

It's good to watch movies that please not only with their beautiful picture and fascinating plot. If the movie gives inspiration and leads to some important thoughts - this Real movie!! Offer your attention 10 pictures that canBrighten up the evening and show the sides of life, which are not often thought of. Drama and comedy, mixed in one movie, give an unexpected result!

Look at this collection, maybe you'll immediately want to see some wonderful movie with a friend ...

Movies that change the outlook on life

  1. Filomena (2013)
    Will the elderly mother of her son, whom sheLost another baby? This tragic story reminds everyone of the power of maternal love and how society is unfair to mothers. After many years, this woman will face the people who took her child from her, and instead of being angry, she will forgive them.
    Filomena film
  2. Anonymous romance (2010)
    Chocolate - that's what connects these two people. The chocolate-maker searches for a new job and finds not only a place where her talents will be appreciated, but also true love ... the film reminds you how important it is to meet a person with whom you will have much in common. These strange people seem to be created for each other!
    Anonymous romance film
  3. Mommy (2014)
    Another film about a mother who does not drawAttention to common stereotypes. Mom wants to establish relations with his son, who was in the orphanage for a long time. When it seems that there is no longer any hope of contact with a sociopathic teenager, suddenly a stuttering neighbor appears. Thanks to her the situation is changing radically!
    Mommy's movie
  4. 500 Days of Summer (2009)
    Can a fruitful union of romance andRealist? This film gives an exhaustive answer. Romanticism is not able to come into conflict with reality, it negotiates with it in the language of love. Very touching and truly feminine.
    Film 500 days of summer
  5. White god (2014)
    The dog is a special animal. The fate of this dog is so similar to the life path of many people who were betrayed and abandoned. Difficult circumstances are able to turn the most kind and bright creature into a monster, so you should always act with your conscience. And it does not matter who it is - a dog or a person.
    Movie white god
  6. Poetry (2010)
    Creativity is a separate dimension in whichLucky to live many people. This simple South Korean woman has never written poetry before. Now everything for her has acquired a new meaning, poetry is a part of her life. And to live it became much better and more fun!
    Film poetry
  7. Where dreams lead (1998)
    If you follow the idea of ​​this film, all dreams leadOne way to hell! But whether you get there depends only on you. Descending to hell after his beloved, this person does not lose hope even in such an unfavorable situation. It is worth taking an example from him! Robin Williams is beautiful, as always ...
    Where dreams lead
  8. Geographer Globe Drunk (2013)
    This film gives an idea of ​​what isPerfect love and how associated with it the notorious Russian alcoholism. Probably, such people met you in life at least once: idealistic views on the world prevent them from normally arranging their own lives. So it turns out stories like this ...
    Geographer globe drunk
  9. Swedish love story (1970)
    A wonderful film about teenagers and what about themOccurs at this difficult age. Such a movie is very useful to see everyone who has children of senior school age, in order to recall the experiences of a person during this period. Everything seems so complicated, but in reality it is the best time in life ...
    Swedish love story
  10. History of the alley (2009)
    Ellie does not know what thisTrip. Vacation with several married couples is a whole adventure that will change a girl's life. A story that can happen to everyone ... if you're sad, look at the movie about the Ellie and the dream. The evening will surely be successful!
    History of alley

High-quality films improve the mood and pull out of the tenacious fingers of everyday life. Enjoy the best movie from the heart and advise you to watch these films to your friends.

They will long walk under the impression!