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Original bathroom accessories

Interior designers are constantly inventing somethingNew to make our life comfortable and brighten our life. Especially they try to do something creative for the bathroom, as this is a room where people relax from everyday worries and "wash off" all negative things from themselves.

Unusual things make the bathing process even more pleasant and aesthetic. View these 15 original Bathroom accessories Room. Perhaps you will like something.

Bathroom accessories

  1. Holders for glasses.
  2. Holders for glasses

  3. Unicorn towels.
  4. Towels

  5. Lamps on the suckers will create a romantic mood.
  6. Fixtures on suckers

  7. A multi-colored light for the shower will make joy even the morning of Monday.
  8. Backlight for shower

  9. The thermostat controls the crane, helping to set the desired water temperature.
  10. thermostat

  11. A nice curtain will not leave almost anyone indifferent.
  12. Shower curtain

  13. A device for creating soap bubbles will make bathing a favorite activity even for a moody child.
  14. bubble

  15. Special glass that does not mist over.
  16. Glass that does not mist over

  17. Spa slippers for foot massage.
  18. Spa slippers for massage

  19. In the bathroom often come with brilliant thoughts? Write them down in a waterproof notebook.
  20. Waterproof notebook

  21. Cute toothbrush holder.
  22. Toothbrush holder

  23. Magnetic holders for shampoos, allowing you to save space in the bathroom. They are adjusted to the size of the bottle.
  24. Holders for shampoos

  25. Waterproof watches will not let you be late for work.
  26. waterproof watch

  27. A projector that creates the feeling that you are at sea.
  28. projector

  29. Original holders for accessories.
  30. Stands for accessories

When building a bathroom, give preference to creative and practical things, then it will become for you a real room for rest. Share with your friends these original ideas!