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How to remake old chairs

Old, already served its Furniture The place is not at the dump. Old chairs can give a new and even very exciting life, if you add just a little imagination. From them it is possible to make both brand-new cute chairs, and absolutely unexpected subjects, for example a photo frame or a bedside table.

"so simple!" Prepared for you some amazing ideas For alteration of old chairs. Look and be inspired!

What to make of old chairs

  1. Old chairs can easily be turned into new ones.
  2. chairs

    Take as a basis the old sidus. If the filler is still in good condition, you can leave it. If the chair has lost its softness, take a foam rubber and cut out a detail from it according to the shape of the seat.

    How to make a chair

    For plating choose a thick fabric. Make a pattern, guided by the shape and size of the seat and taking at least 10 centimeters of stock on the sides. The fabric can be fixed on the back with a super glue or a furniture stapler.

    How to make a new chair

  3. Here are some ideas for reworking old chairs. From them wonderful regiments will turn out.
  4. Shelves from chairs

  5. Or a dressing table with storage for accessories.
  6. Dressing table from chairs

  7. From the chair can get an unusual clothes hanger.
  8. Clothes hanger

  9. Or for towels in the bathroom.
  10. Hanger for towels

  11. Turn the old chairs into bedside tables.
  12. bedside tables

  13. Another version of the unusual hanger.
  14. Hangers from old chairs

  15. Original photo frames from the backs.
  16. Photo frames from the backs of chairs

  17. If the back is net, then it will serve as a holder for the ornaments.
  18. jewelry holder

  19. Feeding troughs for the dog.
  20. Dog food troughs

  21. From several chairs, placed in a row and fastened together, you will get an original bench for a house or a garden.
  22. bench


  23. From them it is possible to make even something like a flower bed.
  24. A bed of old chairs

  25. Or stand for flowerpots.
  26. Stand for flowerpots

  27. Children's swing.
  28. Children's swing

Take advantage of these wonderful ideas to create a cozy atmosphere in your house!

And tell these ideas to your friends and girlfriends!