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Schemes for drawing animals

Drawing is a favorite activity for many children. Yes there to hide, moms and dads also love to do it when there is a free minute. They draw in notebooks, talking on the phone, on the corrupted documents at work and so on ...

Not always the creations of the parents turn out beautiful. But how in this case to teach the baby? To help come simple Schemes for drawing Birds and animals. You can print them out and put them in front of you. Very convenient and easy!

How to draw animals and birds

  1. Drawing an owl
  2. How to draw an owl

  3. But that's how they draw a swallow
  4. How to draw a swallow

  5. hare
  6. How to draw a hare

  7. Cockerel - golden comb
  8. How to draw a rooster

  9. Rat
  10. How to draw a rat

  11. Learn how to draw a bird
  12. How to draw a bird

  13. Ducky
  14. How to draw a duck

  15. elephant
  16. How to draw an elephant

  17. kangaroo
  18. How to draw a kangaroo

  19. magpie
  20. How to draw magpie

  21. Monkey on the tree
  22. How to draw a monkey

Frankly, not every parent can draw a kangaroo. But with the help of these schemes you will be able to learn by yourself and Teach your child.

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