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The history of the cottage

Many of us are very fond of Spend free time at the cottage. As soon as the weekend comes, we rush there to rest from the dusty and bustling city. Only there you can feel the atmosphere of peace and tranquility!

This small but very vital tale about the dacha will help you think about life and laugh. But all because it's pure water is true. In this you will not doubt!

Little girl on the town

A fairy tale about a summer residence

I'm 7 years old. Hurray, at last my grandmother takes me with her to the dacha.

15 years. Got the family with their garden!

I think 21. my grandmother seems to have lost her mind. It's the same - all day long the grass is torn, and it would be okay in the beds, and the grass along the fence to whom prevented?

Me 26. The dacha is needed only for meetings with duris and shish kebabs.

35 years. Hmm, but do not you give me a radish?

Me 45. the whole garden in the beds.

60 years. Something the grass fence is overgrown, it is necessary to weed.

Already 78. I carry heavy packages to the dacha, children and grandchildren do not help, they say - there's nothing to sow, we'll buy everything. And only seven-year-old grandson pleases. He is happy that again summer and we are going to the dacha. life goes on…

This story is familiar to many. Everything in this life is back to square one. And most importantly - it continues.

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