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Remaking from jeans

Jeans - this is a very useful thing. Now almost no fashionist can imagine his life without them. And each of us has a slightly shabby couple that we do not wear, but throw it away.

Just do not need to part with her, just give her a second life. "so simple!" Picked up for you 11 creative ideas for Remake old jeans.

Remake of jeans

  1. Original case for telephone.
    case for phone
  2. From old jeans you can make sandals. Such surely no one will.
    Sandals from jeans
  3. Lace patches and inserts will decorate your jeans and make them more unusual.
    How to decorate jeans

    How to decorate jeans
  4. Denim sock for storing small toys, kitchen appliances and what you want.
    Denim sock
  5. It is no longer necessary to put the phone on the floor when it is charging, and afraid to step on it. Make such a nice purse.
    Handbag for phone
  6. Only for experienced needlewomen: an excellent dress from jeans.
    Dress of jeans
  7. Jeans + strap = handbag.

  8. Denim cushion for giving.
    Denim cushion
  9. Apron or apron of jeans - a very practical thing for the hostess.
  10. Gift packaging for wine, in the pocket you can put a corkscrew.
    gift wrap
  11. Wall-mounted organizer - what you need!
    Wall-mounted organizer

Take note of these Creative ideas, Use them or think up something of your own. Do not store old clothes in a closet, better use it wisely.

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