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20 original bathtubs

Bathroom is the ideal place For relaxation and relaxation After a day's work, so everything in it should be as comfortable and cozy as possible. Since the bath itself is the main place in this part of the apartment, then it is necessary to pay maximum attention to it.

Add originality to the bathroom and improve it design, Inspired by 20 examples of steep baths that
"so simple!" Collected for you in this collection. Look at what the creators of these masterpieces came up with!

Unusual baths

  1. Bath in a hanging ball
  2. Bath in a hanging ball

  3. Wooden bath
  4. Wooden bath

  5. Bath with curtains
  6. Bath with curtains

  7. Bath as room decoration
  8. Beautiful bath

  9. Clear bath
  10. Clear bath

  11. Bath with a waterfall
  12. Bath with a waterfall

  13. Bath-hammock
  14. Bath-hammock

  15. Bath-shoe
  16. Tub-tuff

  17. Golden bath
  18. Golden bath

  19. Bath with octopus
  20. Bath with octomy

  21. Bath with a view of the city
  22. Bath with a view of the city

  23. Bath for two
  24. Bath for two

  25. Bath-basin
  26. Bath-basin

  27. Tub-barrel
  28. Tub-barrel

  29. Bath with illumination
  30. Bath with illumination

  31. Transparent floor in the bathroom
  32. Transparent floor in the bathroom

  33. Bath in the street
  34. Bath in the street

  35. Bath for romantics
  36. Romantic bath

  37. Bath by the fireplace
  38. Bath by the fireplace

  39. Highly artistic bath
    Beautiful bath

I would gladly put one of them in my apartment, because lying in such baths is a pleasure. Show your friends what baths you can put in your house!