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Why you can not eat oatmeal for breakfast

Oatmeal has long won an honorable place on our tables. It is a favorite type of breakfast for many people around the world, because everyone knows about the benefits of oatmeal. this porridge Envelops the gastric mucosa, normalizing its work. Also, oatmeal is recommended to be used for 15 days to normalize weight. Plus everything with its help you can get rid of constipation!

But not everything is so smooth ...

Why not get carried away with porridge


Constantly eat oatmeal, and even in large quantities, is harmful and even dangerous for health. The whole point is that oatmeal contains Phytic acid - a substance that delays calcium absorption in the intestine, and every gastroenterologist can tell you about it.

In addition, phytic acid also removes calcium from the bones, so do not rush to sit down on an oat diet without consulting a doctor!

The presence of phytic acid in oatmeal does not indicate that this product should be abandoned altogether. There is folk wisdom - everything is fine in moderation. Stick to it, and Side effects of eating oatmeal You will not be afraid!

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