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Furniture from musical instruments

Many of us have played in childhood or adolescence on Musical instruments. However, time has passed, skills are forgotten, there is no time or desire to play, and the instruments are lonely on the shelves. And throw a pity, and nowhere to put.

Well, do not necessarily keep them forever in a dark corner or throw away - try to turn tools into a stylish and original Interior decoration!! Sincere warmth and pleasant memories do not belong in the mezzanine!

Furniture from musical instruments

  1. A regular seven-string guitar can be turned into a creative flower pot!
  2. Flower pot from a guitar

  3. From an old electric guitar you can make a table lamp or shelf.
  4. Table lamp from a guitar

  5. Good cases also go into action: you can store in them, as in suitcases, things, and you can build decorative shelves!
  6. A cover from a guitar

  7. The former drummers were most fortunate - almost everything can be done from drums. For example, excellent fixtures!
  8. Lamps from the drum

  9. Also from a drum it is easy to make a coffee table ...
  10. Coffee table from the drum

  11. And from several - stylish shelves! A similar decor will be appropriate in a loft-style studio or in a teenage room.
  12. Stylish shelves

  13. You can even use sticks to play!
  14. Drum sticks for decoration

  15. African drum - this is a ready table! True, the skin of the membrane without proper care will deteriorate and soon burst, or go will waves, so it's worth taking care of it in advance and replacing it with a cloth or wood disc.
  16. African drum

  17. The beauty and grandeur of this light source is simply mesmerizing!
  18. lamp

  19. In a spacious house there is a place for the piano.
  20. piano

  21. Or you can use it to decorate the garden.
  22. Decoration for the garden

Show a little imagination - and your favorite musical instruments Will not lonely dust on the shelves.

Share this wonderful collection with your friends. Perhaps she will inspire someone to create equally beautiful and original things!