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How to use an old suitcase

A suitcase is a universal thing. It is used when traveling. But when he goes "on retirement", it can be easily used in the interior. For sure, many have Old suitcases Grandmothers and grandfathers, which no one needs for a long time.

Why not give them a second life and not make them fashionable and vintage Decor element? We collected for you 10 original ideas for creating a miracle from a suitcase.

How to use an old suitcase

  1. From a huge suitcase can be done Stylish armchair, Adding to it strong legs and pillows.
  2. An armchair from a suitcase

  3. A bedside table for those who have several suitcases.
  4. bedside table

  5. coffee table.
  6. Coffee table from a suitcase

  7. Wall shelves For fans of unusual solutions.
  8. Wall shelves

  9. Wall cabinet. You can cut a piece of cover and insert the glass. Will look very original.
  10. Wall cabinet

  11. Original chest of drawers.
  12. Original chest of drawers

  13. Place for a pet.
  14. Place for a pet

  15. An excellent organizer for any things.
  16. Things organizer

    Things organizer

    Things organizer

    Things organizer

  17. Suitcases can be used instead of baskets.
  18. Basket-suitcase

  19. A house for dolls. From him any girl will be delighted.
  20. House for dolls

As you see, with An old suitcase You can do a lot of interesting things. Include fantasy and use it for home or cottage. Even in a modern apartment it will be an excellent piece of furniture!