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The story of the doctor's hard work and thanks

Many know what is not easy Doctor's work. Someone in the family has a representative of this profession, someone is a doctor himself, and some of us were patients who observed the work of these people with a capital letter.

In the hands of the doctor the life of a person, therefore, on himLies a great responsibility. One comrade told me this wonderful story, after which I want to believe that in this world there is still good and justice.


Thanks to the doctor

After four Complex operations, The surgeon went out into the street in a state close toTrance. Before my eyes it was clouded, my head was porridge ... the woman could hardly stand on her feet. She wanted to go home immediately and go to bed. But the snack was still worth at least once a day. So she went to the nearest cafe.

The woman ate on the machine, and then the owner of the cafe tried to get her attention, slapping her lightly on the shoulder.

"Doctor, did you have a hard day?" Dinner paid, I called you a taxi ...

When the woman came to herself, she said:

- How do you know that I'm a doctor? Yes, it was difficult, I had several operations.

- It's easy, after you ate, you said to the waitress: "I'm done. Count tools and sew up. "

If there is justice in the universe - there must be a separate paradise for doctors!

Thanks to the real doctors for their hard work. As well as people who can appreciate it and at least say a big thank you to the people.

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