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25 quotes Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel - an amazing woman who succeededRadically change the whole world of fashion. It was thanks to her that women began wearing fake jackets, which were previously only for men, a small black dress that should be in the wardrobe of every woman, and use luxurious fragrances that add charm and sophistication.

"so simple!" Made for you a selection of the most vivid statements-councils of the famous French fashion designer, Which will help you look perfect!

25 quotations coco chanel

  1. Beware of originality - in the female fashion, originality can lead to a masquerade.
  2. Only young women can afford to invent their own fashion. Mature and aging women must follow the prevailing fashion.
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  4. Caring for beauty must begin with the heart and soul, otherwise no makeup will not help.
  5. When you choose accessories, take off what you put on last.
  6. The main thing in a woman is not clothes, but cute manners, prudence and a strict regime of the day.
  7. A woman dressed in light, it is difficult to bring into a bad mood.
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  9. Lace is the most beautiful imitation of the fantasy of nature. And pearls are always right.
  10. It is considered that luxury is the opposite of poverty. No, luxury is the opposite of vulgarity.
  11. People with good taste wear jewelry. All the rest have to wear gold.
  12. In the afternoon be a caterpillar, and in the evening a butterfly. There is nothing more convenient than the look of the caterpillar, and nobody's appearance is suitable for love more than the appearance of a butterfly. A woman needs dresses creeping and dresses flying. But the butterfly does not go to the market, and the caterpillar does not go to the ball.
  13. A beautiful dress can look beautiful on a hanger, but it does not mean anything. About the dress must be judged when it is on a woman, when a woman moves her arms, legs, bends the waist.
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  15. Freedom is always stylish.
  16. Hands - the business card of the girl, the neck - her passport, the chest - the passport.
  17. Age for a woman is not the most important thing: you can be adorable at 20, charming at 40 and remain irresistible until the end of your days.
  18. Perfume is an invisible, but unforgettable, unrivaled fashion accessory. He informs about the appearance of a woman and continues to remind her when she left.
  19. If you were struck by the beauty of some woman, but you can not remember what she was wearing, that means she was dressed perfectly.
  20. Nothing so old a woman, as too rich costume.
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  22. "When should I use perfume?" The young woman asks. "When I want to be kissed", - I answer.
  23. Beauty remains, and pretty appearance disappears. But for some reason women do not want to be beautiful, they want to remain pretty.
  24. The worse the girl's business, the better she should look.
  25. Do not want to be young, at 50 years old no one is young. But I know many 50-year-olds who look more attractive than the untidy young women.

With these statements is very difficult not to agree, and no one dares, because these phrases belong to a woman who admired not only women, but even men of the world!