/ What kills our metabolism

What kills our metabolism

You can eat right and play hard, and the results are not visible. You can use special supplements or even medicines, and your metabolism And will continue to be in sleep mode.

And indeed, even as a supporterHealthy lifestyle, do not always manage to look and feel all the time. Most people do not realize that they constantly make the same mistake, which "kills" the metabolism and, in general, all the efforts.

Due to this erroneous action appear Problems with the hormonal system, Whence and a constant feeling of hunger, excess weight,Loss of energy and clarity of thinking. And worst of all - because of this carelessness, analyzes of a perfectly healthy person can show that he is already a diabetic of the second type.

In the shocking data published in the annals of internal medicine, it is said that almost all modern people in their bedrooms "Commit a fatal error, in fact, killing them". So what is such a big and terrible mistake in question? about Inferior sleep...

That kills our metabolism

Lack of sleep

Why lack of sleep harms health

  1. Because of lack of sleep, the level of the hormone decreases Leptin, Who says that we are full. And at the same time, the level of the hormone of hunger, on the contrary, increases. As a result, it is difficult for us to control the appetite.

    Waking up, we immediately want to eat, and pulls us only to harmful foods. As experts say: "Not rested nervous system requires stimulation, and the course is maximally stimulating products". That's where Dependence on sweet And flour, and then unwanted fat layers in different places.

  2. Many do not know what Fat burning processes Pass during sleep. When we sleep, activation of fat cells with leptin occurs, which helps to burn excess calories. If little sleep, then this process is slowed down, which is reflected later in the figure.
  3. The lack of sleep also has a bad effect on the sensitivity of cells to insulin. If this level is low, then the body needs a large amount of this hormone in order to remove the excess blood sugar. And already a considerable amount of insulin and becomes the cause of unnecessary fat mass.
  4. Lack of sleep is perceived by the body as a stressful situation, so the level of the stress hormone increases - Cortisol, Which with pleasure helps fat to be deposited in the abdomen and thighs.
  5. Due to lack of sleep, there is a traumaBrain tissue and decreased cognitive abilities. Besides, you can not even talk about a good mood. This in his studies was proved by the neurosurgeon miken nidergad.

    It turns out that during sleep our brain does not sleep: it relieves us of strong Neurotoxins - by-products accumulated for the whole day. If such a process does not proceed, then there are problems with memory, attention and cheerfulness of the spirit. And with a chronic disregard for sleep, there is a slowdown in inflammatory processes and an increase in oxidative stress, which can lead to Alzheimer's syndrome or to the development of other age-related diseases.

  6. A small amount of sleep very quickly ages a person. It is a growth hormone that helps to restore and maintain our youth. But this "update" wizard works at night ...

    Because of the lack of this hormone, the skin ages,Wrinkles appear, muscle tissue weakens, but fat gain. Remember someone who has not been friends with sleep for a while? Such a man looked exactly exhausted and a little older.

With lack of sleep it's time to fight!

Formula of good sleep

  1. Every week, lie down for 15 minutes before you start to sleep for 7-9 hours.
  2. In the room should be absolutely dark - only then the hormonal system will work perfectly.
  3. Before going to bed do not watch TV and do not sit on the Internet - it's good when the nervous system is in a calm state.
  4. Do not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime, if you do not want the fat burning effect to come to naught.

pay attention: Metabolism does not work faster withMalnutrition! How many can not sleep, but eating harmful products, you will not see positive results. Just exclude from their diet starchy and fatty foods, and start your day with whole fats and proteins.

I want to reveal one more little secret: The earlier you go, the less sleep you need. The most effective sleep you get when you fall asleep a little later than it gets dark, but you wake up with the sun. such daily regime Very useful, although, unfortunately, in a modern city it is very difficult to practice it. But worth a try!

If you also think that "a dream for weaklings," change this erroneous opinion more quickly. And do not forget to share these facts with your friends - even if they get enough sleep!