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15 ideas for flower beds

Flowers decorate our life and make it muchBrighter and more colorful. Each mistress tries to plant flowers in her garden or country plot, so that they will gladden the eye and cheer up. To make your flower bed unusual and unlike any other, "so simple!" Prepared for you 15 photos on which Flower gardens Look like streams of spilled paint. Even in the garden or in the suburban area there is a place for creativity. Look and be inspired to create your own masterpieces!

Flower beds

  1. milk escaped
  2. Flower bed

  3. Blue river
  4. Flower bed

  5. Magic tube
  6. Flower bed

  7. For blue eyes
  8. Flower bed

  9. Charming succulents
  10. Flower bed

  11. Miracle jug
  12. Flower bed

  13. From a keg
  14. Flower bed

  15. The whole dumper of beauty
  16. Flower bed

  17. Wheelbarrow
  18. Flower bed

  19. palette
  20. Flower bed

  21. White foam
  22. Flower bed

  23. From the kadushka - at will
  24. Flower bed

  25. In the style of minimalism
  26. Flower bed

  27. Green speck
  28. Flower bed

  29. Tender blue
  30. Flower bed

Making such a flowerbed, you will not only attractAttention of all neighbors and just passing by the dacha section of people, but also you will find a wonderful application of old kitchen and other utensils! Show your friends these charming flower beds!