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Make-up for half a face

Fashion trend Cosmetics Only half the face is not just blown upInternet - it attracted the attention of millions of users around the world. In the framework of this trend, girls are trying to demonstrate the power of make-up, having painted only one half of the face. But youth is not eternal, and 5 women of different ages have come together to not just show the power of makeup, but also to demonstrate what it means to women at different stages of their lives.

Make up on the face

  1. Sara reini, 28 years old
    "I was born with a pale Northern Irish skin, so rarely go out without make-up. When I'm not made up, my face seems to me naked. "
  2. Make up on the face

  3. Anthony hoyle, 37 years old
    "I know that I'm not a supermodel: My nose is too long, the left eye is slightly smaller than the right one, and I also have a square jaw. But I was never bothered by my shortcomings so much that I tried to hide their makeup. "
  4. Make up on the face

  5. Sara chalmers, 46 years old
    "I always had good skin, but with ageBegan to appear deep wrinkles around the mouth, cheeks, steel thinner lips. I look blurred without makeup, so I never leave the house without a pencil for my eyes, mascara and lip gloss. "
  6. Make up on the face

  7. Alisa Hart-Davis, 52 years old
    "I rarely get dirty, but when I apply makeup, I make a thick line with black eye liner in the upper eyelid, and also use mascara and orange lipstick."
  8. Make up on the face

  9. Patty parfitt, 64 years old
    "Makeup has always been a must for me. Even being at home, I put mascara to enlarge the eyes, and lipstick to brighten up the face. I will feel naked without makeup ".
  10. Make up on the face

Women have different perceptions of makeup. Someone and day - not the day, and the night - not the night, if the face is missing even a gram of cosmetics. And the other and the sea knee-deep: there is no make-up - means, it is not needed. Share this article with your friends and find out how they relate to makeup. What do you think, at what age should you start using makeup?