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11 lifjhaks for the city

Creativity is great! And creativity On the streets of the city - in general the subject of pride and admiration of its inhabitants.

I sincerely want the ideas thatPresented in our article, never ended, but on the contrary, as often as possible were embodied in life, pleased the inhabitants with their practicality and beauty. If you do not consider yourself a conservative, then for sure you will appreciate these cool Designer things!!

11 lifjhaks for the city

  1. Folding chairs - tulips
    Device 2 in 1! Not only for recreation, but also for the beauty of the city.
  2. Chairs on the street

  3. Alternative to benches - hammocks
    What you need near each office!
  4. Original bench

  5. Charging station for smartphones
    Now you can not get away, that the battery has sat down.
  6. Charging station for smartphones

  7. Bench-flower bed
    I do not even know what I liked more: beauty or practicality?
  8. Bench-flower bed

    Flowerbed photo

  9. Green wi-fi station
    Flight of design thought!
  10. Wi-fi station

    Wi-fi station

  11. Original fence
    Mirror fence, which changes its appearance with the change of seasons. I want this at my dacha!
  12. Original fence

    Fence photo

  13. bicycle lane
    Glowing in the dark park paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Real urban romance ...
  14. bicycle lane

  15. Original bench
    A bench in which you can change the wet side to a dry one. Such are necessary for each city.
  16. City bench

  17. Bench, ramp and stop
    Creative and useful!
  18. bench

  19. Bench-table
    Classroom for students. You can chat and prepare for couples.
  20. Bench photo

  21. Bench and protection for wood
    Beautiful and practical!
  22. Bench photo

If you liked these comfortable andAttractive devices - be sure to share the article with your friends. Who knows, maybe one of them will become a famous architect or designer and come up with something even more original and useful for every inhabitant of the city ?!