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Crafts from plastic bottles

Many of us throw out plastic bottles and do not even suspect that they can give a second life.

We have collected for you 20 original ideas that can easily be realized with this seemingly ordinary subject. Do what you like, from jewelry and toys to practical ones. Things for home. Give vent to imagination!

Crafts from plastic bottles

  1. What you need for children: plastic bottles-minions for bowling!
  2. Bottles-minions

  3. Cute pot for flowers in the form of a cat. For giving the most it!
  4. a flower pot

  5. Original broom
  6. Broom from a bottle

  7. Ornamental fish
  8. Ornamental fish

  9. Unusual bracelet
  10. Bracelet from plastic

  11. Boxes in the form of apples
  12. Boxes in the form of apples

  13. Swan to give
  14. The swan of bottles

  15. Multi-tiered vase
  16. Multi-tiered vase

  17. Packing for bulk products. Cut the top of the bottle. Unscrew the cork and put the upper part of the bag inside. Wrap the sachet outside and tighten the stopper.
  18. Packing for cereals

  19. candlestick
  20. candlestick

  21. Splash guard
  22. Splash guard

  23. It's hard to believe, but it's also made of plastic bottles.
  24. Picture of bottles

  25. Container for toilet or cosmetic accessories.
  26. Cosmetic accessories

  27. Toy container
  28. Toy container

  29. A thread holder so that they do not get tangled when knitting.
  30. Thread holder

We hope that some of the things you suggested interest you. Share with your friends these extraordinary ideas on the use of plastic bottles!