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Gymnastics for the eyes of Norbekov

Mirzakarim Norbekov - a man thanks to which a huge numberPeople around the world were able to restore their eyesight and forever get rid of their glasses. The main principle of his technique is psychological emancipation from the habit of considering himself weak, sick, frail and insecure.

But it can not be said that such a Vision restoration technique Is completely based on self-hypnosis, and Norbekov has developed a series of exercises that give an excellent result in the treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

But the healing of such diseases as cataract And glaucoma, atrophy of the optic nerve andMacular degeneration, should not be expected, although the author of the technique tries to prove the effectiveness of his system and with such organic irreversible lesions of the organ of vision.

Performing gymnastics for Norbekov's vision, it is necessary to maintain a muscular corset: straightened shoulders, a straight back and do everything with a smile and positive emotions.

Gymnastics for the eyes of Norbekov

  1. Exercise for improvement of sight № 1
    Keep your head straight, without tipping back. Eyes lead upwards (to the ceiling), mentally continuing their movement further, through the forehead, vertically upwards.
  2. Exercise for improvement of sight № 2
    Keeping the flat position of the head, look down, mentally continuing your gaze into your own throat.
  3. Exercise for improvement of sight № 3
    Take a glance to the left, as if through your left ear.
    Take your eyes to the right, as though through your right ear.
    Gymnastics of Norbekov
  4. Exercise to improve the vision number 4 - "butterfly"
    When doing the exercise, pay special attention toImmobility of the head, rotate only the eyes. Make sure that the eye muscles do not overextend and try to get the largest drawing within the face.

    Sequence of movements with the eyes: the lower left corner - the upper right corner - the lower right corner - the upper left corner.

    Then repeat the exercise in reverse order: the lower right corner - the upper left corner - the lower left corner - the upper right corner.

    Then relax your eyes and eyelids, quickly and easily blink.

  5. Exercise for improvement of sight № 5 - "eight"
    Recommendations for this exerciseAre similar to the butterfly. Look at the trajectory that resembles an inverted digit 8 or the sign of infinity as large as possible, but within the face. Alternately, the movement should be in one direction, then in the other. At the end of the exercise, you also need to blink easily.
  6. Exercise for improvement of sight № 6
    This exercise for oblique muscles of the eyeball, which contributes to the development of lateral vision and is recommended for myopia.

    Exercise should be carried out in a quiet environment, so that nothing distracts or frightens.

    Gymnastics of Norbekov

    Squint your eyes on the tip of your nose. You can put your finger in front of you and gaze intently, without detachment, slowly bringing your finger to the tip of your nose. Then look relaxed in front of you, fix the side objects, but do not move your eyes!

    Then alternate:

    Look at the very tip of the nose, further in front of you andIn the parties, not translating a sight. Look at the bridge of the nose, then - forward and sideways. Look at the point between the eyebrows, and then look again forward and to the sides, not translating the gaze.
    Do the eye exercise 7-8 times in each direction.

    Follow the smoothness of the transition from one point to another, alternate the exercise with blinking. Watch out for a positive inner attitude.

  7. Exercise for improvement of sight № 7
    Bring your index fingers to the tip of your nose andFix their eyes on them. Then slowly start to spread them horizontally to the sides: the right eye is fixed on the index finger of the right hand, the left one is on the index finger of the left hand.

    Do not try to open your eyes to the sides - use only your side vision! Repeat this exercise several times, without forgetting to rest your eyes.

  8. Exercise to improve vision No. 8 - "a large circle"
    Keeping the immobility of the head, execute circularMovements with your eyes: imagine before yourself a huge dial of a watch (better than gold), then slowly make your eyes clockwise, then against, fixing a glance at each imaginary figure.
    Exercises of Norbekov

    Try not to cut corners - the circle should turn outSmooth. From one workout to the next, increase the size of the circle. Repeat this exercise, lifting your face to the sky with your eyes open. After which you can repeat the two previous exercises, but with your eyes closed. This option contributes to the massage of the lens.

In this video you can visually familiarize yourself with all the above exercises.

Focus your attention on anticipating a good vision, after you open your eyes, expect a positive result!

Norbekov recommends doing this gymnastics in three stages: the first stage - doing exercises with open eyes, then with closed ones and the third stage - mental repetition.

Try this technique on yourself to Throw away your glasses forever. Believing in success, you will achieve the desired result as quickly as possible!