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Lose Weight 50 kg

Who of the women does not dream of throwing at least a few Extra pounds? For some, these few are even turning into a few dozen and, having achieved their goal, many get only disappointment instead of the expected satisfaction.

Today "so simple!" Tells you the story of writer elina baker, who once weighed 120 kg, but was able to get rid of 50 of them.

Lose weight by 50 kg

"Most recently, my boyfriend called me to collegeEsalen on the coast of Big Sur. He said that it would be a "spa vacation", but everything turned out differently. Esalen - the experimental commune, which deals with the moral condition of people. In this place people gather for group therapy and meditation so that the body, mind, heart and soul are in harmony with each other.

Woman lost weight by 50 kg

The first evening we went to the group bathsIn the open air, built right on the beach. On the way to the meeting point my guy, as if passing, said that these baths are taken naked. I was just dumbfounded. Naked? I do not take my clothes off in public. never.

The woman lost a lot of weight

And the problem is not even in the beauty of my body, although I have nothing to brag about. Just naked, I do not look like naked people should look.

I once suffered from obesity and weighed 120 kg. In 20 with a tail I sat on a diet and got rid of 50 of them. Do you think I should be happy? This is not so ...

Woman lost weight photo

Joy was, because I managed to do whatIt seemed to me impossible. But time could not be reversed - my body could not be altered. Every photo "before and after" a variety of means for losing weight - a lie. After losing weight, I had so much extra skin that I could lie on my side and pull out its centimeters by 15 in either direction.

The girl lost weight by 50 kg

I tried many times to change the situation usingA variety of lotions and creams. I also did the exercises. I did not try to change my body, I just wanted it to look as if I never had obesity.

Woman lost weight photo

Most of the photos you see,Made before the surgery, which I had 4. I was given breast implants and did a body lift. Two years later I decided to have a circular lifting of the body. I was cut around the entire waist, 15 cm of skin was removed and sewn back.

In total, 4.5 kg of skin was removed. Also my hips pulled up: they cut their legs from the knees to the groin and removed as much excess as they could. Until the wounds healed, I had to spend a whole month in bed with legs wide apart.

Now I have a scar that runs aroundThe waist, as if some sorcerer cut me in half. I have two scar on my legs - from top to bottom, like on trousers. But even the plastic surgery did not help to remove all the skin completely.

When I stretch my arms and put my feet apart, I still look like a flying squirrel. Across the upper shoulder area I have stretch marks, and on the arms and inside of the thighs there is Saggy skin. If I lean forward, my breasts hang like empty bags.

Slimming photo

So I do not like it when someone sees me naked. "

This story should be a lesson for every woman who dreams To lose weight, Because it demonstrates that not always what we are striving for will have exactly the result we hope for.

A sharp and significant weight loss will necessarily leave the saggy skin. This, of course, does not mean that you do not need to strive for an ideal body, you just have to do everything with the mind.