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How a woman affects a man

Not everyone, after marrying a lieutenant, is made of himGeneral. What is the secret of strong, successful women in all respects, who get on with life as if by magic? And this is not necessarily related to external beauty, although many are accustomed to consider this factor as a measure Women's success. There are not too beautiful, but in their own way attractive women who have managed not only to create a strong family, but also succeeded in their careers.

And that is very important: Next to them is a man whose name you always want to pronounce as if it is written in capital letters. There is an opinion that everything can be explained extremely simply ... the level of well-being of a woman and her partner is measured by the level of the female energy that she possesses.

How a woman affects a man

And what is this female energy? According to the Vedas, Harmonious woman - the most powerful being that controls everything,What is happening in the material and immaterial world. Harmony requires three components: a healthy, well-groomed physical body; Psychic energy, through which there is an inner attraction for people and the spiritual essence of women, its inner purity.

The modern style of life forced the woman to adapt to New conditions, Become as strong as a man, take onA lot of his duties. From this, the female origin has seriously suffered: it is not surprising that prolonged stress and constant stress lead many women to infertility. A woman should always remember her nature, love herself and protect her, make up for lost energy. Only harmony will lead her to a successful life and make a man next to aspiring to success.


In ancient times it was believed that every element bestows upon a woman Certain energy. Water - intuition, femininity and softness,Earth - wisdom, fire - passion, and air - mobility of mind and discernment. The secret is to keep the gifts of the elements in balance. Do not be too soft and pliable, too smart, too passionate. Do not be an evil, unpleasant and harsh person who endlessly reproaches her husband.

Rule Golden mean Acts here as well as possible: A woman-personality who knows how to balance, not to bend a stick and not bend, is the image of a successful woman. So everything is possible, but due to the fact that the energy of a beautiful woman is in harmony, she is really happy. And can help your loved ones become happy!

a woman and a man

Every woman has her own way to harmony, but many successful ladies notice that the best way to restore energy is to stay alone with myself. Learn something new, necessary for development in theDifferent spheres. What the body and soul need. To understand yourself and accept only a wise woman, one must strive for this. Then inner fullness will attract women to people who crave such positive energy and completeness, especially like decent men.

Glowing from inner harmony, the woman is incredibly attractive and knows how to share her magnetic gift with a partner. Inspiring confidence in him Own forces, She turns the lieutenant into a general imperceptibly for him.

Internal state Is what your outer world consists of. If you feel good inside, it will be good too. It sounds simple. But, if you think about it, the whole life of a person is to come to a state of harmony and enjoy it. But this is a great work!

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