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20 masterpiece cakes

In the xxi century cooking became a new kind of art. The creations of modern cooks impress not only their taste, but also their appearance. This applies to Cooks-confectioners. Most of the cakes they cook, it's a pity not that there is, but they just want to be carried to the museum and placed there as exhibits.

"so simple!" Today made a selection of 20 delicious cakes, which should inspire you to create your own culinary masterpieces. Look and marvel at the craftsmanship of these confectioners!

Original cakes

  1. Cake "up"
  2. Cake up

  3. Cake "planet"
  4. Cake-planet

  5. Cake "starry night" van Gogh "
  6. Cake van gogh

  7. Ice age cake
  8. Cake ice age

  9. Cake "giraffe"
  10. Ort giraffes

  11. Cake "a bucket of beer"
  12. Cake with beer

  13. Cake "library"
  14. Cake library

  15. Cake "piggy in the mud"
  16. Cake-pigs

  17. Red dragon cake
  18. Cake-dragon

  19. Panda cake
  20. Cake with pandas

  21. Cake "James Bond"
  22. Cake james bond

  23. Cake "distributing hat"
  24. Cake-hat itemprop =

  25. Cake "anti-gravity maltesers and m & m's"
  26. Original cake

  27. Cake "polo shirt"
  28. Cake T-shirt /

    Cake "book"


  29. Cake «planet earth»
  30. Cake-planet earth

  31. Cake «nikon»
  32. Cake nikon

  33. Candy cake
  34. Candy cake

  35. Cake "minion"
  36. Cake Mignon

  37. Cake for paleontologist
  38. Cake for paleontologist

Agree that some of these originalCakes seem completely inedible, so they look like real objects. If you liked this selection, share it with your friends!