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10 books that are read overnight

In the world there is a huge number of books, but only a small part of them can keep the reader in constant tension from the first to the last page.

so"so simple!" Made for you a selection of 10 books that are read in just one night, after reading only a few pages, you are so carried away that you can not fall asleep.

These masterpieces of world literature will give you unforgettable impressions and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Books that are read in one breath

  1. Douglas Adams "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    It is a book that captures and amazes withFirst pages. She talks about the travels of a very diverse company from star to star in search of joy, peace and cocktail "pangalactic gryzloder" - but unknown forces impose on them on a daily basis high missions to save all life from various scoundrels and psychopaths.

  2. Gabriel Garcia Marquez "remembering my sad whores"
    Remembering my sad whores

    A book about love, suddenly happened to a 90-year-old man at the end of his life, which he lived as stupidly as he could.

    The love that overtook the old man is disastrous and beautiful, it fills his life with meaning, reveals to him a different vision of the familiar things and inhales the living heat in his profession, which has become a cold craft.

  3. Diana setterfield "thirteenth fairy tale"
    Thirteenth fairy tale

    It is a neo-Gothic story that takes place in an old gloomy estate. There are also family secrets, and ghosts, and the intricacies of fate, and a feeling of understatement.

    The book will take you from the first pages and not let go until the last, until you know the finale.

  4. Ian mackueen amsterdam

    After the death of a common mistress, two friends -A successful editor-in-chief of a popular daily newspaper and a famous composer working on the "Millennium Symphony" - ask each other for a favor: if one of them falls into a state of unconsciousness and ceases to control himself, the other pledges to kill him ...

  5. John faulz "collector"

    A lonely, discreet young man unexpectedlyWins a huge amount of money in the lottery. What will he do with it, especially given his passion for collecting butterflies and secret love for the local beauty?

  6. Steven king "rita heyworth, or escape from the show"
    Rita heyworth, or escape from the show

    This story, which everyone is afraid of - to be in prison and get a life sentence, being innocent. The book tells you a tough history of survival where it is almost impossible to survive.

  7. Viktor pelevin "omon ra"


    The office has absorbed all the advantages inherent inWorks pelevin: unpredictable plot, deep meaning and originality of the symbolism. This novel, like most Pelevin books, leaves the reader with a wide field for the search for interpretations.

  8. Naryne abgaryan "caller"

    "Caller" - bright and bright, absorbed the sun andSmells of the southern bazaar, just a stunningly humorous story about childhood, about two girls-girlfriends - ma'nune ​​and nara, about a kind and formidable bass-barber grandmother, and also about the huge number of their relatives constantly finding themselves in ridiculous situations.

  9. Daniel Kiz "the multiple minds of Billy Milligan"
    Multiple minds of billy milligan

    24 individuals, different in intelligence andAspirations: adults and children, men and women, persons with criminal inclinations and subtly feeling artistic natures, are fighting for the possession of the protagonist's body, not allowing him to control his actions.

  10. Jane Austen "Pride and Prejudice"
    Pride and Prejudice

    The pride of a woman, practically poor and completelyFree in his poverty, his irony and the strength of his character ... is there something equal to such pride? Prejudice of a woman who is almost unable to respond with a blow to the blow, to believe in the sincerity of a man's feelings and stop thinking about it.

These books are read in one breath, make sure of it yourself. And be sure to share this gorgeous selection with your friends!