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20 quotes from Sergey Dovlatov

Sergey dovlatov - one of the greatest Prose writers of the 20th century, Man-legend, man-anecdote, man-myth. Myth, created by himself and generously supported by others.

Most of the works of Dovlatov were translated intoMany foreign languages ​​and enjoy a well-deserved popularity throughout the world, although at the beginning of the creative path he was refused to print at home, and fame came to him only after Emigration in USA.

Today "so simple!" Gathered for you 20 of the most vivid statements of Sergei Dovlatov, who in difficult times will be able to cheer and help find a way out.

20 quotations from Sergey Dovlatov

  1. Weak people overcome life, courageous ones master.
  2. Most people consider unsolvable those problems, the solution of which is not enough for them.
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  4. Remember, you can save yourself from a knife. You can block the ax. You can select the gun. everything is allowed! But if you can run away - run! Run, son, and do not look back ...
  5. All my life I blew in a telescope and was surprised that there is no music. And then carefully looked into the trombone and was surprised that no shit is visible.
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  7. The best way to overcome the inherent uncertainty is to keep as confidently as possible.
  8. Before our birth - an abyss. And after our death - an abyss. Our life is only a grain of sand in the indifferent ocean of infinity. So try at least this moment not to be overshadowed by despondency and boredom! Try to leave a scratch on the earth's crust.
  9. I have long since divided people into positive andNegative. And literary heroes - even more so. Moreover, I'm not sure that in life for a crime repentance inevitably follows, and for a feat is bliss. We are what we feel ourselves.
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  11. I took out somehow a garbage can. Froze. Overturned his meter for three to the garbage. About fifteen minutes later a janitor appeared to us. Made a scandal. It turned out that he easily installs the tenant and the apartment number on the garbage. In any work there is a place for creativity!
  12. God does not ask for supplements.
  13. It's easy not to steal. Especially - do not kill ... much harder - not to judge ... think - do not judge! But meanwhile "do not judge" is a whole philosophy.
  14. - What can be more important than justice?
    - more important than justice? At least - mercy to the fallen.
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  16. Alas, defeat in a fight does not mean an end. You will be beaten systematically. And finally destroy in you a man ... worse death - cowardice, cowardice and the inevitable after this - slavery.
  17. I do not regret the experience of poverty. If we believe Hemingway, poverty is an indispensable school for the writer. Poverty makes a person sharp-sighted. and so on. Curiously, he understood that, as soon as he got rich ...
  18. A person is capable of everything - bad and good. I'm sad that this is so. So give us the God of steadfastness and courage. And even better - the circumstances of time and place, which have good.
  19. The only honest road is the path of mistakes, disappointments and hopes. Life is the identification of the boundaries of good and evil by one's own experience ... there are no other ways.
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These tips prove that there is an exit from any situation and do not despair and throw everything halfway. Listen to the sergey dovlatov!