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How to grow old furniture

Aged furniture can become very unusual and quite original element of the interior. If you've been thinking about it for some time Change apartment design, Not zamorachivayas with repairs and not buying a new oneFurniture, the aging of the tree can do you a good service. Because you not only completely renew the appearance of your home, but also spend a minimum of money ...

a "so simple!" Tell you how to do it!

Interior in the style of Provence

  1. Base layer application
    First you need to select a few bright colors of paint and be sure to gray out to muffle them and, finally, the base color, white or gray. You need to start with it.
  2. How to grow old furniture

  3. drying
    Before applying each new coat of paint, the previous one must be well dried. Spend on it is not less than 10-20 minutes.
  4. How to grow old furniture

  5. Paraffin waxing
    Sodium paraffin, those parts of the product that must be beautifully scruffy: edges, corners. Later, from these places, the colors of the following layers will depart more readily.
  6. How to grow old furniture

  7. Addition of putty
    With this material, you can create a volume and texture, achieve relief and the effect that a dozen layers of dense ink have already been applied to the thing.
  8. How to grow old furniture

  9. Sponge treatment
    To create an effect of rubbing and translucent layers of paint from each other, it is not necessary to use a skin - you can simply apply the paint with a sponge.
  10. How to grow old furniture

  11. Painting again
    Superimposing a layer by layer of paint, it is important to stop in time. Usually three to five layers are more than enough.
  12. How to grow old furniture

  13. Sandpaper application
    This is the dustiest part of the work. You have to clean off the extra layers of paint.
  14. How to grow old furniture

  15. The final touch is the Kuzbasslak
    This is a bitumen varnish. It is cheap, dries quickly and gives a noble dark brown tone.
  16. How to grow old furniture

that's all! Nothing complicated in the creation of such masterpieces is not needed, only practice and, of course, inspiration.

If you liked mebeta idea, be sure to try to make out at least Wooden frame!!