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Convenient inventions

It would seem that for our comfort everything that was needed was already thought up. But every day there is more and more Simple inventions, Which impress us with their genius and creativity.

Some of them are improved models of their "ancestors". Others - the embodiment of new ideas. We hope that you will like these useful things.

Convenient inventions

  1. Scotch tape, which is easily torn off.
  2. Scotch

  3. A special spoon, pressing tea bags. To the last drop!
  4. tea spoon

  5. A network filter that is assembled from the desired number of elements. They can still be rotated.
  6. network filter

    network filter

  7. Socket with usb-sockets.
  8. power socket

  9. Gps-keychain for keys or purse. You can track the location of things with your smartphone. Ingeniously!
  10. trinket

  11. Original wastebasket. Now not a single piece of paper will fall by the urn. This is an additional motivation.
  12. trash bin

  13. The original invention for travelers.
  14. Invention for travelers

  15. A charger that runs on solar panels.
  16. Charging the phone

  17. Headphones that do not get mixed up. Yes, they exist!
  18. headphones

  19. Bicycle racks. Now there will be twice as much space in the parking lot.
  20. Bicycle racks

  21. Original batteries with usb-connector. necessary thing!
  22. battery

Having looked through photos of these inventions, most likely, you will say: "Why did not I think of this before?". In the world there are still a lot of things that can be made more perfect. So dare. Maybe your invention will appear in the next collection!