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92-year-old grandmother-yogi

Each of us wants Stay beautiful, young and healthy long years. But some people give up, and without even making a step on the way to a dream. It's easier for them to think that this is too difficult, it requires huge material costs, round-the-clock classes and a whole arsenal of excuses that every loser uses.

But there are people in the world who set a goal and achieve it, showing by their own example love of life And inspiring us, lazy people, to new feats and accomplishments.

You will never guess how old this woman is! She practices yoga, takes a great interest in tango, jumps rope every day and believes that these are the most important tasks of her existence on earth.

The story of the phillies

Phyllis suit

By her acquaintance with yoga the 92-year-old phyllis djus owes a friend who literally "pulled" her to her first lesson. Later she recalled that "It was crowded, hot, and my reaction instantly became negative. However, after a short dialogue with the teacher and in just five minutes of meditation, I realized that in fact I like it".

Phyllis djus states that it feels likeNever comfortable and well in his 92 years. When she was 50, she founded her own fashion label (although she did not understand business). At the age of "70" the phyllis became a musician, she learned Italian and French. In 80 years of age Tango And gymnastics on a trapeze, and yoga first tried when she turned 85.

«I'm inspired by the learning process"Says the phillies," I like to experiment and I'm not afraid to tryNew, so, for example, about how to fly high under the ceiling on a trapeze in 80 I never had any questions. I realized that everything is possible, if you like yourself the way you are, and love what you are doing! "

The phallis jumps rope every morning andClaims that she would rather have died than missed one day. Its secret is to start slowly jumping for one minute, then two and so on. «In the end you, like me, can jump for a full six minutes!

I assure you that you will be amazed at the improvement of health and general endurance". Similarly, the phyllis calls not to listen to those who say that Jumping rope Can be devastating to the body. «I jump rope for two years and have absolutely no pain and I guarantee that you will lead a long, healthy life".

Phyllis suit

As the phyllis says: "For me, yoga, tango and skipping rope is a fantastic trio»! But what do you think is the secret of longevity and Well-being?

Tell your friends about the successes and lifestyle of this amazing woman. Maybe they too will want to try something like that!