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Ideas for a small apartment

If you have a small apartment, but want at the same time Live in comfort, Then you need to approach the matter wisely. Try to make it so that every centimeter of free space is used rationally.

For this we decided to share with you 15 delightful ideas that will help you to equip a small apartment. With them your home will become more practical. Take these recommendations into service!

Ideas for a small apartment

  1. How to use the inside of the doors.

    Cabinet door

  2. Another original solution.
  3. Note to needlewomen: surface with holes. A great idea that saves space. All the necessary things will be in sight.
    Table for needlework
  4. Use the space above the door wisely. Install a shelf under the ceiling.
    a shelf
  5. Those who store spices in small banks, come in handy magnetic tape.
    Spices in cans
  6. Wonderful stand for dishes. All in plain sight and easy to get.
    Stand for dishes
  7. In order not to fasten another shelf, you can already to the existing, screw the bottom of the cover and keep the jars.
    a shelf
  8. 3 in 1: a mirror, a wardrobe and an ironing board. Ideal for a bachelor apartment.
    ironing board
  9. That's how you can use drawers!
  10. Storage of summer shoes.
    Shoe storage
  11. Creative Chair-hanger. This thing can be placed near the front door.
  12. To save space, use a removable dish dryer.
  13. Use the empty corners in the apartment correctly.
    Corners in the apartment
  14. Wanted to read, sat down on the ottoman and took the book. conveniently!
  15. A bed that can be hidden. Always dreamed of such!

These delightful solutions will help you equip a small apartment with a real paradise. Make your home more functional.

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