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What can be made from coins

What can you buy by spending a mountain of coins, quietly accumulated in your house? But what if you do not spend it, but find more brilliant applications for brilliant circles? Coins are used in design for a long time.

This is a very convenient, practical material that is suitable for both Mosaics, Bracelets and stands, and for simple decoration of pots for domestic plants.

Having become acquainted with these ideas, you will no longer pass by the dropped coins! A little imagination, diligence, and that's what you'll get. it is very cute!

What to make of coins

  1. With the help of a stamp for coinage, one can make such a pretty pendant. The coins brought from another country will look especially good.
  2. Pendant with a coin

  3. A picture lined with coins. A little paint, an original frame, a canvas - what else do you need for a piece of contemporary art? You can make such a gift for a friend and assure him that material well-being is guaranteed to him. a good idea!
  4. A picture of coins

  5. Version of a necklace of coins with a complex weave. It will look great with a dress in the African style!
  6. Necklace of coins

  7. Coins can be flattened, the pattern can be erased. From such flat coins, the decoration will turn out to be extraordinary ...
  8. Decoration of coins

  9. Buttons from coins - addition to clothes of free style.
  10. Buttons from coins

  11. You can keep the charm of round shapes and get rid of too obsessive shine. Just paint the coins with paint.
  12. Coin decor

  13. Frame for a mirror or photos. Coins do not need too much.
  14. Coin frame

  15. From such a table, I certainly would not have refused!
  16. Table of coins

  17. Stick a ring with coins and use it as a fixer for napkins and holiday letters - an unexpected idea.
  18. Decoration of coins

  19. A tray lined with coins! Fit in any interior.
  20. Tray of coins

  21. The bar counter or the table top in coins will become an expressive detail of the room.
  22. Countertop

  23. Just a coffee table. For such a nice sit in a cozy evening ...
  24. Coffee table

  25. Ordinary vases can be turned into eye-catching, interesting things. Glue them with coins - it's easy, but the effect!
  26. vase

  27. Coins are able to ennoble almost any object. Even the horse's head is made of wood.
  28. Coins

  29. Money and letters. Inscriptions from coins - an interesting way to set a thematic mood in the room.
  30. Coin decor

  31. An elaborate house with the use of coins to decorate the roof! Better than a cookie house. It can be used not only as a bird feeder, but also as a mail box.
  32. Coin decor

  33. The whole wall of coins!
  34. Wall of coins

  35. Sometimes coins seem especially appropriate ...
  36. Coins

  37. Make the floor of coins - not so difficult as it seems. They seem to be created for this process!
  38. Floor of coins

You can use not only large coins, but smaller ones. A penny way to make your home more beautiful - use coins in Design of rooms.

Those who like to collect small things in large numbers, will surely appreciate these ideas! If among friends there are such collectors - please them with our article.