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There is nothing to eat

Healthy eating - the mission is not easy. If you carefully read 10-20 articles with different recommendations about what you can eat, and what better to refrain ... then appetite Can disappear completely! Some foods are useful, but too high-calorie. Others can do harm to health, but they are strongly recommended for weight loss.

Where is the truth? The conclusion suggests that nothing can be eaten - everything is harmful. Cry of the female soul, exhausted diets and extensive knowledge in the field of Proper nutrition - this is how you want to call this post, published by one witty girl in his LJ.

Everyone can recognize themselves here! Subtly, with humor and a sense of what excites all women. Relationship with food - really special relationship ...

About healthy nutrition with humor ...


"Meat can not be eaten. In it is full of hormones for Weight gain, But why do I need hormones for weight gain?

Fish, too, can not. It accumulates. I do not know what, but it accumulates. Even in it hormones are injected to increase fertility. But I have nowhere to put my own! Why do I need more fish?

Tomatoes can not be - they are nightshade. I do not know why, but everyone says it's bad. Eggplants and peppers too. Fruits and berries can not be - in them Sugar and diabetes. Especially, it is impossible in the evening ... for the night all evening sugar will turn into an ass! But why do I need another priest, I have my own hoo ...

Potatoes can not, there is starch. In rice too. Macaroni too it is impossible - there there is a starch and a gluten. And gluten is the future sugar. The same one that the future priest.

Oil can not be - neither olive, nor creamy, nor sunflower. It's fat. And creamy - also cholesterol.

Bread is not allowed, there is yeast. Beer too. I do not know why, but you can not let the yeast inside you wander.

Eggs - fat and cholesterol. Milk - fat and hormones for weight gain, which are injected into the cow. And in general it is intended for the calf to gain weight faster and become a cow. But I do not want a cow!

Juices can not be - it's the same thing as fruits and berries, but without useful fiber.

In cabbage - and ordinary, and colored, and broccoli - substances that interfere with the absorption of iodine. And at city inhabitants and so shanty with shchitovidkami. Bad thyroid - Oh God! - gives a thick ass.

Cabbage is not allowed. In spinach - oxalic acid, which harms the kidneys. Bad kidneys - edema - excess weight. No, no, no, no spinach.

Cucumber! I'll eat cucumbers. About cucumbers, I do not know anything wrong ... "

It's hard to keep a smile from reading thisA delightful revelation. But in fact, how absurd and contradictory is some information! If you also had to notice this, with a sense of humor you are all right. You can eat not too orderly, but often laugh often - laughter prolongs life! It would be nice if he could reduce the ass ...

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