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Effect of iodine on intelligence

For sure, even with the school course you know,How useful iodine is for the body and how its defect is detrimental to the overall condition and level of intelligence. Scientifically proven that with a deep iodine deficiency or Thyroid gland diseases A woman can have a child with a disease called cretinism.

In medicine the term "cretinism"Means a sharp lag in the physical andMental development due to insufficient activity of the thyroid gland or lack of iodine in the diet. At the same time not only the child's brain suffers, but also hearing, visual memory and even speech. What to do in this case and how to protect yourself?


Child's intelligence is very vulnerable in the first monthsLife. It is proved that in regions with iodine deficiency, the child's intelligence (iq) is lower by an average of 10-15 points than in areas with sufficient iodine content in the environment.

Thyroid hormones Affect the work of the brain throughoutThe whole life of man. Remembering information, acquiring new skills, adapting to other conditions, intense intellectual work always take place with the participation of thyroid hormones. With iodine deficiency, children learn worse, they hardly learn the school curriculum.

People from all continents are suffering from iodine deficiency: Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia. According to the data of the World Health Organization in the conditions of iodine deficiency live more than 2 billion people.

Congenital iodine deficiency

The color on the map shows the number of newborns in each country that are at risk of developing brain pathologies due to iodine deficiency.
Blue - from 0 to 250 thousand; Green - from 250 to 500 thousand; Yellow - from 500 thousand to 1 million; Brown - from 1 to 3 million; Red - more than 3 million; Burgundy - more than 10 million.

World map

Replenishment of iodine deficiency

in order to To fill iodine deficiency In the body, do not take iodine from bottles with alcohol solution for external use. It's scary, because even one drop will be a brute force.

The state should unite with doctors andConstantly explain from school how important the body is for iodine, and also use methods of both individual and mass iodine prophylaxis.

In many countries at the state level alreadyPrograms have been introduced that involve the introduction of iodine salts into food products: salt, bread, water ... by the way, iodized salt should be added to the prepared food so that its properties are not lost at high temperatures.

Providing the body with sufficient microdoses of iodine, you will be able to increase the caloric intake without harming your health, provide the body with energy and all the components necessary for healthy life.


Products that contain iodine

  1. Sea kale
  2. Cod liver
  3. sea ​​fish
  4. persimmon
  5. buckwheat
  6. Eggs
  7. Iodized salt
  8. seafood
  9. Bananas
  10. melon
  11. spinach
  12. Green and onion
  13. Grapes

The main signs of iodine deficiency: Lethargy, weight gain, slowing of mentalProcesses, chronic weakness, rapid fatigue. If you do not eat these foods, then, in addition to the appearance of the above symptoms, memory may be significantly reduced, irritability may appear, and malfunctions in the menstrual cycle may occur.

Most likely, there are no stupid and clever people, but there areDeficiency of substances involved in the construction of the brain and its work. National food traditions, like fashion diets, can affect the number of people with reduced intelligence in all countries of the world.

Tell your friends about the role Iodine in the maintenance of intelligence. it is very important!