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9 things for the house with their own hands

As you know, the comfort consists of small things. However, creating it is not so easy, it seems at first glance. Here it is important to be able to feel the golden mean.

Because thanks to "trifles" it is easy to turn a dwelling not only into a littered place of residence and a dust collector, but also make it as a hospital devastated and dull.

The best way out of this situation is to add several Bright details, Made by own hands. which ones? Choose yourself!

Things for the house with their own hands

  1. Mat-massager of real stones
    This rug will not only be a great massager for your feet, but it can even remind you of a hot summer even in a frigid frost.

    To make such a mini-massager make sure thatIn a simple bath rug there are holes in which water will flow in the future. Smooth stones buy in the hypermarkets for home or garden, and glue them with silicone glue-sealant. It's very simple, but it's worth it!


  2. Mug with original color
    Now at work in a large team it's definitely not confused! Take a white mug, a sticky tape, an aerosol paint of gold or any color you like.

    With the help of an adhesive tape, detach the white part of the mug and apply the paint at a distance of 15-20 cm. Wait 30 minutes until the paint dries completely and your unique mug is ready!

    Decorating mugs

  3. Decorative lace shade
    That's what can make the situation more romantic! Inflate the ball of air, glue it to the lace with the help of glue.

    After the glue dries (it usually takes about two days), break the ball and get it out of the lampshade. A simple idea, which can be carried out by everyone!

    Lace shade

  4. Containers for storage of utensils or office
    A great idea to store permanently lost nails and screws in the garage, office small things - in the workplace, and cutlery - in the kitchen.

    If you have a little accumulated Cans - Do not rush out - make a decorativeHolder for cutlery or various small things that are easily lost. For this you will need only 4 or 6 cans (optional), paints, a brush, a hammer and a small piece of wood. Now everything will be in its place!

    Storage of small things

  5. Decoration for a mirror
    A simple decoration for a mirror, which can always be played in different ways. Take paper, glue, scissors, a little imagination - and soon you will get even better than this photo!
    Decoration of a mirror
  6. City from the cable
    Already tired of a multi-meter cable that lies all over the house? Make it a decorative element on the wall. The idea is simple, but it looks very impressive!
    Where to put the cable
  7. picture frame
    If you're going to throw a frame out of the old picture for a long time, you better use it for your favorite photos! Remove the back wall, attach the string to the frame and spread out the printed photos with pegs.

    This frame will look great not only in the hallway, but also in the bedroom, the nursery and even in the kitchen.

    Photo frame

  8. Stylish pot from a tin can
    Old cans can be used quite original. Attach them to the edge of the wooden clothespins, plant a small grass and a mini garden is ready! Creative!
    Pot from can
  9. Cords in a box
    If you are tired of forever interfering cords from recharging, computer and laptop - hide them in a box, which can also be decorated with colored paper or other decorative elements.

    Attention! It may be dangerous. Make sure that the heat does not harm the chargers or cords.

Ideas for home

If you liked these ideas - tell your friends about them. And what other crafts do you do to diversify the interior?