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27 signs of a good aunt

Be a good aunt to your nephews isGreat responsibility, because aunt, like parents, do not choose. These women play an important role in the lives of children (not their own): they take care, share experiences, give gifts, spend time together ... it's so great to know that your nephews love you! Especially for you, lovely "girls" who are already lucky enough to become "aunts", this article is written. Please, who has a weak sense of humor, this material is not read!

Signs of a good aunt


  1. The first time you took a new-born nephew in your arms, you whisper: "so sweet! I will love you firmly and firmly. "
  2. The first time he heard a nephew say the word "aunt" (or something very similar), you know that now you are also responsible for this child.
  3. All day proudly declare to all the familiar: "my nephew took the first step"!
  4. You listen: "above, aunt, higher!" Every time you roll it on a swing.
  5. Always when you come to visit, the children happily run up to you with hugs and kisses, and they want to show new things or tell about new events in their life.
  6. At each meeting you come up with new fakes or games for children.
  7. Take them out of the bathroom after bathing.
  8. Do with them what you did not do before.
  9. You love when your niece plays with your hair.
  10. Share the children's love for the hello kitty, the lunatic and the Smeshariki.
  11. You know that kissing and hugging can heal the wound better than green.
  12. With the joy of agreeing to a tea party "for fun".
  13. The more nephews you have, the more your heart becomes.
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  15. Children's questions about life make you think about things that had never occurred to you before!
  16. You like childishly touching expressions of people when they open gifts.
  17. You save in memory the moment when you first squeezed the child's palm.
  18. Even as they grow older, nephews still ask permission to hold your hand.
  19. You allow them to use jewelry, jewelry and other things that are just old enough to be valuable.
  20. Speaking of their family, children always remember you.
  21. To you comes the realization that now someone else has to win in the board games.
  22. Teach them to use a fork and knife, but at the same time you say that pizza, which you take with your hands, is much tastier.
  23. Nephews are embarrassed by the new man and are hiding behind you for safety.
  24. A child or a teenager trusts you enough to ask for advice.
  25. They ask if you can put them to bed, and ask them to tell the tale.
  26. You get a card in the form of a heart.
  27. Years later they thank you for the experience thatYou shared when they were small. Although in fact the experience has long been forgotten, and you understand that it has had much more influence on their well-being than suggested.
  28. You're not a mother or a friend. You are their aunt, and this sounds proudly!


If you found yourself in these points, then you can rest assured - your nephews not only love you, but also are proud that they have such Wonderful aunt!! Tell this article to friends who have nephews. I wonder, but they recognize themselves in this list?