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Why are stupid people dangerous?

Do not underestimate fools! The damage done by them exceeds your expectations. Carlo Chipolla - historian-economist, originally from Italy, studied stupidity as a phenomenon from a to me.

Its large-scale research can be accommodated in 5 flawlessly working laws that are valid in any conditions, in any society ... after reading them much will become clear.

Cause of disasters In the country, business failures and other troubles - active actions of fools. Verily, even gods are powerless against a fool.

The laws of stupidity

  1. A person is characterized by underestimating the fools who surround him.
    Very often decent people who seemedReasonable, brilliantly manifest themselves as fools. The sudden stupidity of a person, from which you do not expect a dirty trick, often becomes the cause of trouble. Plans are being destroyed, for which all had high hopes ...
  2. Foolishness

  3. Stupidity is an independent, separate quality.
    Man is born stupid by nature just as he is born with a certain color of the eyes. He can be a professor, can be a successful entrepreneur and on all sides a pleasant personality.

    But stupidity is its zest. it's confirmed Social experiment, Conducted by a cipolar.

    He analyzed the behavior of people from 5 differentAge and social groups. In the experiment involved office employees, students, administration staff, teachers and staff. The number of fools among representatives of low-qualified categories was very high, which upset the chip.

    But what was his surprise when he saw the same percentage of stupidity among those who are all considered educated people!

    There are always not very smart specimens in which society you would have to be. Among men and women, the number of fools is the same!

  4. It's easy to define a fool.
    What criteria can be guided,Defining a fool? An idiot is a person whose actions bring damage to others and even to himself! It is very difficult for an intelligent person to foresee what kind of a knuckle a fool will throw out.

    Because stupidity does not obey the laws of logic and has no rational explanations. "Why did he do this?" - a dumb question that invariably remains unanswered.

  5. Foolishness

  6. Stupidity is destructive.
    It is not necessary to deal with fools, under any circumstancesCircumstances, because this will mean the complete collapse of any event. Do not rely on the benefits that the fool will bring - it can turn into misfortune. It's better to lose with a smart man than to find a fool!
  7. A fool is more dangerous than any recidivist.
    Because sometimes it can be confused with an adequate person. A disguised fool comes to power - and then a mess starts in the country.

    Here it is very important that clever people do not relax, enjoying their intellectual superiority, but try to neutralize the fool - to ensure that his actions do not do any harm to anyone.

Fools are not so much, but they are so intelligently arranged that they come across at every corner! The hero of the book "flowers for the Elgernon" deniel kisa was born Mentally handicapped, But struggled to become smarter.

He learned to read, to think logically and to be likeOn smart people, fighting with a congenital disease. At the same time, ordinary people often complain about external shortcomings - everyone is satisfied with brains, but the nose, ears, legs and other parts of the body - no. It is very a pity, that so.

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