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Wedding hairstyles for the last 50 years

Hairdresser stylist and popular blogger kylieMelissa made a terrific video. She demonstrated on her example fashion for wedding hairstyles for the last 50 years. From 1960 to today, you can see which hairstyles preferred Brides. Maybe something will appeal to you. For example, I liked the style of the seventies. Cheerful music and a pretty girl who herself style her hair, make this video unique.

Wedding hairstyles for 50 years

  1. Beautiful and modest 60's.
  2. Wedding hairstyle

  3. Stylish 70's: volume and large curls.
  4. Wedding hairstyle

  5. 80's now to taste a little. Curls and a little chaos on her head was a thing of the past for many brides.
  6. Wedding hairstyle

  7. In the 90s the fashion for the collected hair returned. Some brides let loose a careless strand of hair.
  8. Wedding hairstyle

  9. Zero pleased us with hairpieces.
  10. Wedding hairstyle

  11. Trend today is a simple careless hairdo with light ringlets. Also in fashion came the wreaths of flowers.

Wedding hairstyle

Kylie Melissa approached the issue of weddingHairstyles with taste. Even stacking from the past look amazing. Every girl who is preparing for a wedding, most likely, will find something for herself. And already married ladies will remember their beautiful past and that cherished day.

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