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Yoga postures for all muscles

Yoga will make your body strong! This complex is very successful: it is suitable for those who are just starting their practice, and for advanced yogis. When you start classes, you will immediately move to a new level of ownership of your body. Yoga will teach you the exact Coordination of movements And will make the muscles elastic.

During the exercise,So that the stress is evenly distributed throughout the body. Always use your back muscles, make them work. When making a move, fix a glance at a motionless object, look straight ahead. Move slowly, the body must be obedient, but not too tense. Keep Inner peace During yoga classes - this is also important for a good result!

Yoga is not easy charging. She trains the spirit on a par with the physical body!

Yoga to strengthen the whole body

  1. Place emphasis on your elbows and toes, takeStatic position. Make sure that the elbows are parallel to each other. Stay in this position for 5 deep breaths. Look forward, without lifting your head, keep your back straight.
  2. Yoga Pose

  3. On elongated hands borrow a position with an emphasis on one leg. Pull your other leg to your chest. Raise your knee higher and higher, as if you are trying to kiss him. Take 5 deep breaths and change your leg.
  4. Yoga Pose

  5. Rounded your back, place emphasis on arms outstretched and one leg. Second leg bend and hold on weight. After 5 deep breaths, change your leg.
  6. Yoga Pose

  7. A complex exercise on the balance: Place emphasis on the arm and leg on one side. To have a reliable support, fingers of the hand spread out and rest against the entire palm of your hand. The second hand lift up, leg bend and fix on the knee straight leg. Try to stay in this position for 5 deep breaths, repeat the same for the other side.
  8. Borrow the same position as in the previous exercise. Lift one leg up, trying to straighten it as much as possible. Try to grasp the toe of the foot and freeze in this position for 5 deep breaths.
  9. Yoga Pose

  10. Transfer the whole weight to one leg, the secondSide, try to keep it as straight as possible. Lean forward, lean on your arm, raise your other hand up. Both hands must create a straight line. Take five breaths, repeat the same with the other side.
  11. Yoga Pose

  12. Variation of exercise with emphasis on one side: Transfer weight on the arm and leg on one side. Bend the second leg slightly back, grab her hand in a bent position. After 5 breaths, change your leg and arm and do the same on the other side.
  13. Rest a little before performing the following pose: Sit with your feet tucked under, breathe deeply. Focus on your outstretched arms and try to lift your bent legs above the ground. Reserve your patience: you will definitely succeed, the main thing is to continue training and make new attempts!
  14. Yoga Pose

The body of this girl is in excellent condition, she has practiced yoga for a long time and masterfully mastered even with very complex poses. But this does not mean that yoga is available only to people in good shape.

Even if you do not feel well-prepared, start practicing, and soon your body will become fit. Muscles work well with Static load, And in this is the power of yoga. Do not forget about the correct deep breathing.

Give this to your friends Complex of exercises, Introduce them to yoga!