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How to draw a picture on coffee

Ordinary coffee can be given magical power. Yes, it's not a joke! If you approach the issue creatively, in a cup of a familiar drink, you easily add a large dose of good mood and beauty.

You can try and make this a miracle for yourself loved one, and you can - try even more and please a loved one.

Magic patterns of cream, cocoa and syrupsTurn into wonderful drawings, and if you follow our advice, then you can easily create a real art sample in a cup. There are several elementary Methods of drawing On coffee. Choose any!

How to draw a picture on coffee

  1. Drawing with a stencil.
    From paper, cardboard, sheet of thin plastic or foil, you can make a stencil with the image you need.

    You can cut out not only the drawing, but also the letters. Pleasant inscription, you "make the day" of a loved one. Ready drink with a fluffy cap of whipped cream.

    On this white base it will be very nice to lookA pattern of cocoa powder poured through the stencil. Idea: instead of simple cocoa, you can use a mixture of cocoa, cinnamon and very finely ground nuts.

  2. Drawing on coffee

  3. Drawing with a syringe.
    A syringe for decorating confectionery is good for coffee too! Take the thinnest nozzle, fill the syringe with melted chocolate or a thick chocolate syrup.

    You can use milk, white thick syrup. A syringe will be able to draw a smiley, a flower, a zigzag, a small funny figure. For imagination the vastness of the vast! Make the drawing leisurely, and you will succeed.

  4. Drawing on coffee

  5. Drawing with skewers.
    This option is a bit more complicated, but if you practice well, it will also work out perfectly! Squeeze a thick syrup from the whipped cream into the cup with a syringe or a thin trickle from a jug.

    Now with a thin skewer drawConceived parts. Here you need accuracy of movements! Even if the attempt to draw something concrete will be unsuccessful, gentle patterns will make this cup of coffee unforgettable ...

  6. Drawing on coffee

You can throw coffee marmalade, marshmallow,Pieces of marshmallow - this will be an original decoration. See how the professional creamer in video! I can not resist - I'll definitely try to make such a delightful drawing. Even I weld for this coffee in the evening.

Now I love this strong fragrant drink yetmore! Try to prepare a festive coffee - for this you need to experiment a little. Replace sugar with powdered sugar, from this taste will become much more gentle.

Ginger, cardamom, cloves and even caraway seeds will add to the taste of spiciness and piquancy. Very good shade Coffee aroma Alcoholic drinks - any cognac, schnapps, liquor and whiskey in a small amount will make it mind-blowing!

Do not forget about vanilla - this warming spice is very good in coffee. And if you adore dried fruits, try to cut them into small pieces and throw them into a cup of hot coffee. the most common Americano Will turn into an exotic delicacy! You will need a little cup ...

If you are enthusiastic about these ideas, show them to your loved ones. Coffee is an inspiration that you can stir with a spoon!