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A parody of a journalist at high fashion

Sense of humor - it's wonderful! Especially if it combines a way to play pranks, surprise and laugh at oneself at the same time. That's exactly what the charming Frenchwoman decided to do, the stylist and journalist natali croquet. She arranged an unusual photo shoot called "spoof", in which she parodies famous shots of such fashion houses as acne studios, givenchy, etam, lanvin, lancome.

Together with photographer deniel jailor she managed literally Re-create glossy shots, Which previously lit up kate moss, edieCampbell, Natallia Waterova and others. According to most natali, her example should show that the choice of models for filming can be much wider and more original.

A parody of high fashion

  1. Eleven paris
    A charming smile that hides any flaws.
  2. Eleven paris

  3. Lancome
    These eyes are opposite ...
  4. Lancome

  5. Etam
    Shadows do not happen much!
  6. Etam

  7. Voltaire
    life is Beautiful!
  8. Voltaire

  9. Eric bompard
    Malvina nervously smokes on the sidelines.
  10. Paule ka
    Elegance above all!
  11. Lanvin
    I'm not bored. I am waiting!
  12. Givenchy
    Not immediately understand where the original!
  13. Givenchy

  14. Sonia rykiel
    Black and white photo taxis!
  15. Sonia rykiel

  16. Isabel marant
    Oh, these legs!
  17. Isabel marant

  18. Acne studios
    The main thing is not to fall asleep, the main thing is not to fall asleep ...

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