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How to treat people

Sometimes we treat animals much better thanto people. Sounds strange, but this is so: many will prefer to feed the homeless cat, ignoring the homeless grandfather. Sense of tact, correctness, respect for others - these are not just signs of good parenting. The fact is that the spiritual Attitude towards people It is important for us first!

If this statement seems dubious to you,Be sure to read the 5 stories that we offer. Their meaning is simple, but incredibly instructive. Do not make mistakes, which you are most likely to regret later ...

How to treat people

Girl and a goat

  1. Cleaner
    I passed the final exam, and one of the questions inI was very surprised by the ticket. "What is the name of the cleaner who cleans the building of our university every day?" Of course, I saw her often, but it never occurred to me to find out her name. It's just a cleaning lady! What a freak this professor is, why does he force students to answer idiotic questions?

    At the end of the exam the teacher explained: "After graduating from university you will work with different people. Each of them is important, extremely important! Remember this for life ... ". I remember this lesson and have always treated people with respect and benevolence. It saved me more than once - they helped me when I needed it.

  2. Woman in the rain
    Exactly at 23:30 one elderly black woman stood on the side of the road in Alabama in the pouring rain. She was in a hurry, it was evident from the desperate movements of her hands. Soon a car stopped by her side, and a young white man drove her to her destination.

    How strong was the surprise of the saviorWomen, when a week later he received a gift lcd-TV, which was delivered directly to his hotel room. He very much helped an elderly lady - thanks to a car caught in time she managed to talk to her dying husband. Good deeds are rewarded! Not always as clearly as in this story, but it's true ...

  3. People under umbrellas in the rain

  4. tip
    A little boy came to a cafe and asked,How much is chocolate ice cream. "50 cents," answered the waitress. The boy counted the coins that he had ... "and the usual?" - Again asked the kid. He was no more than 8 years old. "35," the waitress said sharply. "Then I'm ordinary, please!" - decided the boy. When the little client left, the waitress nearly burst into tears: he left her a tip, refusing for the sake of this from the ice cream with chocolate.
  5. Obstacles on the way
    One wise king ordered a hugeCobblestone in the middle of the main road. He interfered with the movement - all of him toured and avoided, but no one even attempted to remove the stone. Some were scolding the king with might and main: how did he allow such a machine to be in the way? Soon on the road was an ordinary peasant, carrying on his back a knapsack with vegetables.

    He pushed aside the stone, although it was very difficult for him. Under the stone, the poor man discovered something that brought him into utter delight: a purse full of gold coins! Every obstacle is an opportunity to improve the situation, verily so.

  6. Man by the stone

  7. a little boy
    I happened to work as a volunteer in a hospital, and IFound a new girlfriend - a little girl named Lisa. She suffered from a serious illness, and it could be helped only by one way: a blood transfusion of her little brother. He already overcame the disease, his blood contained antibodies that could help the liz. The doctor explained to the boy what was required of him. "If this will save her life, I agree," said the little man.

    While there was a blood transfusion, the boy looked at theSister and smiling - because now it will get better! But after the procedure he turned pale and quietly asked: "Will I soon die?" The brave kid misunderstood the doctor. He decided that he should sacrifice his life for the sake of his sister, but he still agreed to give his blood!

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To be human is a rare happiness. Kind, sincere, sympathetic people are much happier than others! Tell your friends about these instructive stories, they inspire you to do good deeds.