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How to remake beach slippers

If your old Shabby shale They knew how to dream, they just would like this idea. A wonderful transformation of shoes - in your power! To create a masterpiece you need a minimum of materials, imagination and slippers that clearly need to be updated.

You can take as a basis the idea proposed byBelow, and experiment with rapture - after all, Vietnamese are so different. In accordance with the color range of slippers, choose materials for work. Abrasions on the soles will not be so noticeable if you slightly smoothen them with the help of Sandpaper.

It is impossible to believe that this luxurious couple is the result of creative restoration. Look how it's done!

How to remake beach slippers

You will need

  • Flip flops
  • Not too wide satin ribbon in shoe tones
  • Decorative beads
  • Thread
  • needle

Beach sneakers


  1. Strap the straps with a tape, tape the ends of the tape with a needle and thread.
  2. Beach sneakers

  3. For greater strength, fix the tape in the place where it forms a triangle.
  4. Beach sneakers

  5. Weaving bands with each other like shoelaces, make a triangular base for beads. Well secure it with threads so that the base does not slip.
  6. Beach sneakers

  7. Approximately so it should turn out.
  8. Beach sneakers

  9. Sew beads, do not forget about accuracy and strength.
  10. Beach sneakers

  11. On the groomed legs, such shoes look otpadno!
  12. Beach sneakers

One more variant of the decor is vietnamok. For happiness you only need two pieces of colored fabric!

Beach sneakers

With the help of shoes a person tells a lot about himself. Beautiful, clean, matching shoes - a guarantee that you will make a good impression.

Even from ordinary shale, you can create an unusual decoration for your legs. This spectacular experiment is worth sharing with your girlfriends who want to remake their flip flops exactly!